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  1. Creative Kids @ Salafi Winter Conference- Birmingham

    90 mins of Fun for our Kids to Free you up to Focus on listening to lessons.

    Kids' sessions on both days,

    Thurs 25th & Fri 26th Dec...

    Kids' Classes @ Salafi Winter Conference.
  3. Eid-ul-Adhaa Event- Family Funday

    Bismillaahi Arrahmaani Arraheemi

    Please find attached below the Eid Event flyer.
    Again this year we are asking for volunteers, both young and older- last year our teenagers did a great job!
  4. Creative Kids' Sessions

    Bismillaahi Arrahmaani Arraheemi

    Please scroll down for the CKC schedule @ this weekend's Conference with the Shuyookh (Sat and Sun only).

    Venue: Salafi Independent school.
    £5 for each 90...
  5. CKC Day 2 Sunday 30th June 2013 Structured...

    CKC Day 2 Sunday 30th June 2013

    Structured Lessons

    2-3:30 CDT: Pyrography door signs

    4-5:30 Aqeedah: Wa lillaah hil Asmaa ul Husnaa- Selected names & Craft work
    With Our Guest 'Irnab'...
  6. ckc @ National Salafi Conference Birmingham

    Please see attached flyer and Itinerary for further details.

    Day 1 Saturday 29th June 2013...
  7. Replies
  8. Replies


    Please see flyer for details of tutoring sessions.
  9. Ckc @ salafi winter conference 2012

    Please see the attached flyer for Fun packed...
  10. Ckc @ salafi winter conference 2012

    Please see the attached flyer for Fun packed...
  11. A means to Benefit Others and Yourself.

    Encouragement for Kids

    For those parents who wish for their teenagers (Girls & Boys) to offer a helping hand, please do encourage them to take part in volunteering in helping/coordinating tasks....
  12. Creative Kids' Club - Classes for Children @ this weekend's Birmingham Conference

    Another means to attach the younger generation to the Hubs of Knowledge!

    Creative Kids’ Club –...
  13. Websites for Educators

    Bismillaahi Arrahmaani Arraheemi

    Assalaamu alaikum

    To add to a previous post on websites for Teachers and Home educators posted some time ago, i‘ve recently come across ...
  14. CKC at the Salafi Conference- Weekend Schedule

    Begin booking!

    Our schedule for the weekend, inshaa Allaah

    Saturday 8th Oct: Theme of...
  15. CKC at the Salafi Conference

    Bismillaahi Arrahmaani Arraheemi

    Assalaamu alaikum
    Please see the attached flyer

    We hope to see all the kids at the sessions.

    Sports' Day & Fundraising Event @ Salafi Independent School, Birmingham, U.K

    The day shall begin From 9:30 to about 4pm, on Sunday 24th of July, inshaa Allaah, Entertaining the family with New...
  17. A helping hand from Secular Education websites

    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi

    I was hoping to share a few sites that I regularly use and have found to be extremely useful in aiding the delivery of lessons.

    Children are engaged by...
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