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  1. Ḥammād Al Anṣāri’s sayings concerning the sects, the groups and the parties (Part 1)

    The shaykh, the scholar of hadīth Ḥammād Al-Anṣāri’s...
  2. Kissing, fondling and sexual activities in Ramaḍān


  3. Is there anything equal to fasting? [Additional Benefit]

    While referring back to the original sources I came across the chapter headings under which...
  4. Is there anything equal to fasting?

    On the authority of Abū ‘Umāmah (may Allāh be pleased with him) who said:

    I said, “O Messenger of Allāh order me with an action.” He said,...
  5. The Sahaba and the Tābi‘ūn were upon five

    The Imām Abu Bakr Al Bayhaqi stated in ‘Shu‘ab-ul-īman’ that Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Ḥāfiż informed us who said Abul ‘Abbas Al-Aṣam narrated to us who said Muḥammad bin Isḥāq As-Ṣagāni narrated to us that...
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