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    November Conference in Newark NJ

    Continuing with our lecture series around the East Coast we present "Enter Into Islam Completely" with our brothers Anwar Wright,Abu Zaynab Tawfeeq,Umar Quin and Hasan Somali
  2. Masjid Bin Baz of South Phila. One Day Conference

    One Day Seminar at Masjid Bin Baz of South Philadelphia, "Whoever Builds a Masjid for Allah, He will build them a Mansion in Paradise" with the following confirmed speakers, Hasan Somali, Umar Quin,...
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    Thank you for your support from administration of Germantown masjid

    Whoever has not thanked the people has not thanked Allah. We praise and thank Allah for allowing "The Guidance of the Salaf in Ramadan" conference for being a sign that the people of Salafiyyah are...
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    Anas Waters clarification about Dammaj

    In the name of Allah the most Gracious full of Compassion

    I write this letter out of request and concerns that my beloved brothers have pointed out to me. Firstly, submitting to the hadeeth,...
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    Conference News!!! Alhamdulillaah, our brother...

    Conference News!!!
    Alhamdulillaah, our brother 'Abdul-Ilaah Lahmaami from the UK has arrived safely in the
    US! May Allah give him a beneficial stay here in Philadelphia.
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    The Philadelphia Ramadaan conference is only days...

    The Philadelphia Ramadaan conference is only days away, alhamdulillaah – to be followed by the blessed month of Ramadaan inshaa‘ Allaah.

    A detailed conference itinerary will be made available in...
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    Philadelphia Conference Update

    Philadelphia Ramadaan Conference - Topics Announced!
    "Can't miss event!!!!!"
  8. Imam Muhammad Ibn Salih al-Uthaymin Frees himself

    Al Allaamah ibn Uthaymeen: "... at any rate I would like to say a statement by which I declare my innocence in front of Allah from which you are asking, and that is, it is not permissible for a man...
  9. It PLEASES us to visit our Salafi brothers

    All praise and thanks are for Allah the Most High, who decreed that this blessed religion cannot be established except through knowledge. And the destruction of our ranks is by knowledge being...
  10. What a blessed gathering

    All praise is for Allah and may the peace and blessings be upon His noble Messenger.

    Allah blessed us again to put together another beneficial lecture series,in which our invited guests Abu...
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    Indeed all praise is for Allah, we praise Him and...

    Indeed all praise is for Allah, we praise Him and we seek His help and forgiveness. I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His final Messenger. To proceed:-
  12. Sticky: I ask Allah to free our noble and beloved...

    I ask Allah to free our noble and beloved brothers of TROID from these evil and repugnant allegations. The "Protected one is the one Allah protects",so the protection of Allah is sought from those...
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