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  1. Arabic curriculum for the Islamic Uni of Madeenah Needed.

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Does anyone know where I can simply download the whole Islamic Uni of Madeena Arabic curriculum? I've tried many sites but none seem to have the actual curriculum. Your help...
  2. English teaching job in Ha'il Saudi Arabia

    بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

    السلام عليكم

    I have been asked by an owner of a private school in Ha'il to find three English teachers for the next teaching year. Hail is a reserved and laid back city....
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    Sorry to all. I only have exams for books 1 & 2....

    Sorry to all. I only have exams for books 1 & 2. Book 3 is too big to write and exam for in my opinion. Also the Book 3 notes are only in Arabic.
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    Study notes for Arabic

    [CENTER]بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم[/CENT

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    If anyone would like to receive study notes for Madinah Books 1, 2 and 3, you can send an email to...
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