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  1. Sticky: May Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, reward all...

    May Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, reward all those Scholars and students of knowledge who have clarified this issue, then all those centres who have taken a strong stance against this fitnah. We...
  2. Sticky: We would like to thank all those who contacted us...

    We would like to thank all those who contacted us in concern for the da'wah in Toronto and Canada at large over the last year. al-Hamdulillaah, the individuals involved in the treacherous debacle...
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    We thank all our brothers and sisters for their...

    We thank all our brothers and sisters for their support and du'aa during some difficulties earlier in the year. Things are currently improved wal-Hamdulillaah. Jazaakumullaahu khayran!
  4. The Scholar, Shaykh Hasan Ibn 'Abdul-Wahhaab al-Bannaa on Salafi Publications, Abu Khadeejah, Abu Hakeem etc.

    In The following comments are from Shaykh Hasan Ibn 'Abdul-Wahhaab al-Bannaa during his recent visit to Salafi Publications in the UK:

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    Also, visit for general info about...

    Also, visit for general info about Islam in the UAE
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    Wa 'alaykumus Salaam, All masaajid are handled...

    Wa 'alaykumus Salaam,

    All masaajid are handled by the awqaaf (coordinated by the govt.) much like in the KSA. Its not like the West.

    Some Salafi Mashaayikh visit the UAE for da'wah from time to...
  7. Sticky: Where are they now? Almost a year after their...

    Where are they now?

    Almost a year after their overthrow attempt aided by madeenah .com, where did some of these individuals end up? And what were their true intentions? As the old saying goes "A...
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    Urgent Appeal to Support

    Keep online and active - Support the Da'wah Globally is in need of your kind support. The website which is known most for it's...
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    I would be interested to know likewise.

    I would be interested to know likewise.
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    4,170 | Redesigned and Relaunched!!

    Over the last several months, we have been working to redevelop This work was necessary to bring the website up to modern standards,...
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    Bismillaah wal-Hamdulillaah was-salaatu...

    Bismillaah wal-Hamdulillaah was-salaatu was-salaam 'alaa Rasoolullaah

    This is indeed a tremendous loss, Qadr Allaah, I think few knew, behind the scene, how important a role Abu Talhah had in...
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    6,550 is Now Live

    Islam in Trinidad & Tobago!


    twitter: @islamtt (
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    Ameen! Baarakallaahu Feekum To order:...

    Ameen! Baarakallaahu Feekum

    To order:

  14. Judging a man by his friends (Raised for Benefit)


    Taken From Article ID: (A Reply to the Doubts of the Qutubiyyah On Ascription to Sunnah and Salafiyyah).

    Quoted Jamaal bin Fareehaan...
  15. Audio: The Day When We Will Stand Before Allah And Everything Will Be Exposed

    By Abu 'Abdullaah Hasan as-Sumaalee

    The day when a person will wish there is a great distance between himself and his evil deeds, the day of judgement.


    A stirring lecture on the...
  16. Sticky: From Lying to Stealing - Islaah (So-Called Rectification) As You Have Never Experienced Before!

    All praise is due to Allaah. We would like to update our brothers and sisters on the latest situation considering that we have tremendous support from the global community. We continue to ask Allaah...
  17. Sticky: Is the Time to Ask For Islaah After the Plot Has Failed Miserably?

    The past few days have seen some interesting developments. After planning their doomed and disastrous takeover bid (using deception, paper and electronic fraud, false witness and attempted theft of...
  18. Sticky: Troid.Ca is Now Live!

    We are pleased to announce that

    is now LIVE! We once again apologise for the inconvenience caused to our global audience of tens of thousands who have been unable to access our...
  19. Sticky: We are pleased to announce the imminent launch of...

    We are pleased to announce the imminent launch of Troid.Ca


    We also apologise to the thousands of visitors who have been unable to access our online resources over the past 2 weeks,...
  20. Sticky: Abu Iyaad, we thank you for your feedback. Below...

    Abu Iyaad, we thank you for your feedback. Below is a document that is issued by the government of Ontario (Canada) called an annual return. I think we already posted it earlier in this thread. It...
  21. Sticky: Another Brother Reveals How He Advised This Group Early On

    We received this email earlier from one of the brothers in the community (Yusuf bin Frederick):

    That's a good point we have not made in this thread previously. How many thousands of people from...
  22. Sticky: From Claiming Rectification to Paper-Fraud, False Witness and Misappropriation to Wanting Mediation and Rectification - Manifesting the Traits of the Hypocrites

    It is possible for a Muslim to possess and display characteristics which are those of the Hypocrites (Munafiqun) whilst still retaining his faith and not exit Islam. There are numerous hadeeths on...
  23. Sticky: Tahir Farooq, Shaykh Waseeullaah and the "Other Mashaayikh"

    In the email we cited earlier from Tahir Farooq, an instrumental player in this agenda, he alluded to "other Mashayikh" who have apparently advised them. They have already claimed that Shaykh...
  24. Sticky: Tahir Farooq And Shaykh Waseeullaah's Advice To Seize Property

    As we mentioned in our previous post Tahir Farooq is responsible for spreading propaganda and lies to the community in order create the cover and justification for the paper and electronic fraud, and...
  25. Sticky: Another Brother Whose Name Has Been Deceptively Used

    We received the following via an email (on 2nd August) from a brother whose name was deceptively put on the list by the plotters of the attempted coup:

    Update (05/08/2011): Khalid was informed by...
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