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  1. Weekly Lessons by Shaykh Al 'Allaamah Hassan Al-Banna

    We are pleased to announce; Shaykh Hassan al-Banna has agreed to broadcast his weekly lesson Via
    Paltalk: "SalafiEventsLIVE"

    Every Tuesday 7:15 PM GMT+2
  2. REMINDER: URDU ONLINE CLASS continues every fortnightly Online.

    Our brother Abu Hafsah Kashiff Khan continues the explanation of Usooluth Thalathaa in Urdu by Sheikh Muhammed ibn Abdul Wahab, RahimuaAllah.

    We ask everyone to make a concerted effort to to...
  3. URDU ONLINE CLASS delivered by Abu Hafsah Kashiff Khan starting 3rd Sept

    [I][B]We are pleased to announce a fortnightly URDU ONLINE CLASS of Usool Thalaathaa delivered by our noble brother Abu Hafsah Kashiff Khan (USA) starting Saturday 3rd September 2011 from 7.30pm...
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