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    Two beneficial events in Riyadh 08/03/12

    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    This is to inform the brothers & sisters in the Riyadh area of two events this coming weekend (08/03/12), insha'Allaah:

    Firstly Shaykhs Saleh as-Suhaimi & Mus'ad al-Hussainee will be delivering lectures at Jaami' Imaam Turki Bin Abdullah (the Mufti's masjid) between Salaatul Maghrib & Isha.

    Secondly, on the same day, there will be an "Istirahaa" with Shaykh Ali al-Haddaadi. Dinner will be provided after Maghrib. The Shaykh’s talk is scheduled for after Isha prayer.

    While no one is required to pay, please note that voluntary contributions from whoever has the means are vital to cover the hiring of the facilities.

    May Allah bless this and all our gatherings and guide us and increase us in all things good and pleasing to Him. Truly He is ever Merciful to His believers, the Most Generous, ever Kind.

    Below are directions to the location, Istiraha Al-Bunduqiyyah, off Dammam Road.

    Directions to Istiraha Al-Bunduqiyyah

    Take Nth ring Rd East to Dammam Road (in the direction of the car inspection site); at the first intesection, get off. You are now on the service road of Dammam Rd where it intersects with Khalid ibn Waleed St. There is a Mcdonalds on this corner.

    Keep heading down the service road of Dammam Rd past Khalid ibn Waleed, and count five gas stations on your right. After the fifth gas station, you'll see that the sixth station closed. Look for a sign that says أميرة الاحتفلات Ameeratul-ihtifaalaat (in Arabic – at night, some of the neon lights are not working sometimes).

    Turn right immediately after this sign. You will go over four speed bumps and pass two streets on your right. Turn right on the third street. Istiraha Al-Bunduqiyyah is the first istiraha on your left. The men's entrance is on the north side; the women's, on south.

    Baarak'Allaahu Feekum
    Tariq Khan al-Khattakiy, Birmingham, UK


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