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    Post Gems upon Gems from 'In Defense of Salafi Manhaj' Conference

    Bismillaah Al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu 'ala rasulullaah

    Amma ba'd

    Gems upon Gems from 'In Defense of Salafi Manhaj' Conference, via notes taken (not verbatim)

    Shaikh Falah ibn Isma'eel (hafidhahullaah) said:

    Why is the Manhaj of the salaf in need of defense? Do you hear of a seminar in which the deviants say, 'In defense of the Khawaarij Manhaj' or 'In defense of the Mu'tazila Manhaj' or 'In defense of the Ash'aree Manhaj' or 'In defense of the Murji' Manhaj' or 'In defense of the Rafidah Manhaj' or 'In defense of the Soofi Manhaj'?

    So why is the Salafi Manhaj in need of defense? The people of the haqq (truth) are always in need of defending the truth.

    Allaah said (what means): Truly, Allaah defends those who believe... (Al-Hajj, ayah 38) This is my ijtihaad, my ruling. I gave you the proof from Qur`an. The truth is always in need of defense. Because the enemies are a majority, the people following the truth are a minority. The people following falsehood are many, and the enemies of truth are greater in number.

    Look at the story of Moosa ('alaihi sallam) with Fir'aun, and Ibraheem ('alaihi sallam) with Nimrood, and Nooh ('alaihi sallam), and Loot ('alaihi sallam).

    The Ummah of Muhammad is divided into two.

    The Ummah of Da'wah -----> All of mankind and Jinn, including many, many sects of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Budhists, etc...

    The Ummah of Ijaba -----> (Those who responded), the 73 sects - 72 of which will be in hellfire and one is saved

    The one from all these in need of defense is The Saved Sect.

    Why do people wage war against Salafiyah?

    The Prophet lived in Makkah for 40 years before Prophethood, and they called him 'Al-Ameen.' And for the 23 years as a Prophet, during which time he (salallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) announced the truth and invited to Islam, then he was accused of being a magician, a liar, insane, possessed...etc.

    The truth is in need of being defended. Why?

    The salafee group is one. The deviant groups are 72.

    The Salafee group ------> has 72 arrows, one to target every deviant group. [Meaning the Salafees - those following the Prophet and defending the religion from distortions, corruptions, bid'ah - refute all falsehood, not sparing anyone.]

    The 72 Deviant Groups -------> have 1 arrow each, and each one targeted against the Salafees. The Salafees are attacked by all 72 deviant sects. [Meaning each of the 72 deviants sects fight the truth and the people of the truth, the true followers of the Prophet.]

    The Salafees refute the Soofees, the Shee'a, the Khawaarij, the Qaadiriyah, the Murji'a. But all the arrows of the 72 groups are pointed at the Salafees. You don't find Soofees refuting the Shee'ah, (or vice versa). For example, Khomeini made a du'aa to Allaah to have mercy on (the wicked deviant) Ibn 'Arabee.

    [Repeating the words of one of his shaikhs, Shaikh Falah said]: Glad tidings when deviants attack you.

    The Salaf would be delighted if they were rebuked by innovators, because this is a sign that he was upon the truth. If you were an innovator, they would not attack you. ...

    All 72 sects wage war against the Salafees. All of them say, "I am a Muslim." Actually, more than 72 sects wage war against the Salafees (if you include the kufaar). The kufaar (disbelievers) wage war against the Salafees, calling us 'Terrorists,' 'Takfeeris,' 'Wahhabis,' 'Madkhalees.'

    Imagine the Salafees in a stadium, and everyone else outside. Salafiyah is in need of defense.

    Defense is obligatory and must be upon knowledge. If you don't have 'ilm, you will harm.

    So why do the disbelievers gather with the 72 deviant sects and not the Salafees? The answer is obvious. They (the disbelievers) believe that society can only function upon democracy, the rule of the majority. The Salafees are one, and the 72 deviant sects are more, so they (kufaar) support the 72.

    The Prophet (salallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: There will never cease to be a group from my Ummah manifest (victorious), not harmed by those who forsake them nor those who oppose them until the order of Allaah comes and they are upon that. (Bukharee, Muslim)
    Someone asked the shaikh about the doubt 'Salafiyah is not a card that's gonna get you into Jannah':

    The shaikh answered: Al-Hamdulillaah. This expression is 100% wrong. Rather, we say, no one enters Jannah except with it. This is rejected, and he (the one who made this statement) is invited to sit here (and learn). The Prophet (salallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: This Ummah will divide into 73 sects, all of them in the hellfire except one. He was asked, "Which one is that, o Messenger of Allaah?" He (salallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said: That which I and my companions are upon.

    Then the addendum to the question was mentioned to the shaikh, a new twist to the doubt, "you should see what he meant."

    The shaikh answered: We say: No! The statement is wrong! With regards to his statement, it is upon us to differentiate between two: the statement and the person who made the statement.

    And he gave examples: the first example of Al-Ma`moon who said 'The Qur`an is created,' yet the scholars said this statement is kufr, but [they didn't make takfeer of the individual].

    Imam ash-Shafi'ee (rahimahullaah) debated Hafs al-Fard (whom the scholars called al-kird (monkey)) between 'Asr and Maghrib and - only after establishing the proof upon him - did Imam ash-Shafi'ee say to him: Ya Hafs, La qad kafart billaahil Adheem. (O hafs, you have disbelieved in Allaah, The Almighty).

    Some matters must be known and established before declaring someone a kaafir for a statement of kufr:

    1- is he ignorant?
    2- is he forced?
    3- does he have misunderstanding a misunderstanding?
    [4- is he insane?]

    This individual who made this statement should fear Allaah, because this statement is 100% wrong. All these 72 deviant sects attack Salafees, and you join them? If you don't want to defend [the religion], then fear Allaah and be silent.

    Niyya is one thing, the action is another.


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