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    Shaykh Falaah bin Isma'eel at Masjid as Salafi, Daily Lessons Beginning Tonight (20/02/12)

    Shaykh Falaah bin Isma'eel al Mundikaar Haafidhahullaah

    Classes in Islamic Jurisprudence
    Al-'Uddah an Explanation of Umdahtul Fiqh

    Every evening @ 7:30pm
    Masjid as-Salafi
    Wright Street
    B10 OUG

    All lessons will be live via 'PalTalk' in the
    'Live SalafiPublications' Room inshaa Allaah

    Abu Maryam Taariq ibn 'Ali

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    WizIQ Links - Shaikh Falaah ibn Ismaa'eel al-Mundikaar in Masjid Salafi Birmingham UK

    6.30pm - Saturday 17.3.12:

    Readings from the book 'Uddah - Sharh Umdat-ul-Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

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    Listen on Salafi Radio ::LIVE::

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    You can now listen LIVE at
    Click on the Salafi Radio ::LIVE:: link and the audio will start automatically

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    Salafi Radio - Listen LIVE

    إذاعة سلفية

    How can I listen live to Salafi Radio?

    Listen on the web: Visit (flash player required).

    Listen on iphone & ipad: Download SHOUTcast app, search Salafi Radio and add to favourites.

    Listen on Android: Download WINAMP, select SHOUTcast, search Salafi Radio and add to favourites.


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