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    Sunnah.TV - Video and Audio Online

    There is no doubt that online video has become very popular and videos of major scholars, shaykhs and students of knowledge are easily accessible, making seeking knowledge and guidance ever easier than before. Sunnah.TV is intended to provide a safe viewing experience for families and children who are accessing and viewing such material on other video platforms. The goal is to provide an alternative location for video viewing, away from the undesirable material that can be found on all video-sharing websites.

    We recommend that people who post Islamic lectures on Youtube avoid posting images of people or even videos of people (Scholars, Shaykhs), and limit themselves to audio only. We appreciate that there are some differences of opinion amongs the scholars on the use of television and video for giving da'wah. For a selection of such verdicts refer to this article. Our policy here is to avoid videos of people with a couple of possible exceptions such as a video of a major scholar (who has agreed to come on video with his knowledge that it will be recorded), or a video of a Qur'anic recitation in the Haram or a mosque where the video is taken from a distance - this is upon the basis that many contemporary scholars of the Sunnah do permit the use of video for disseminating knowledge, clarifying the truth, and giving admonition. Even scholars who disapprove of it (like Shaykh Ibn Baz) accepted that other scholars have taken a different opinion (see his fatwa here) on the matter upon the basis that the use of such media should be used for disseminating the truth and in not doing so will be a loss and an advantage for falsehood and those who spread it.

    The videos posted on Sunnah.TV are mostly created and uploaded by others. We offer our thanks to those brothers and sisters and ask Allaah to reward them for their efforts.

    Sunnah.TV is best viewed in Firefox. We have implemented technical features that work optimally in Firefox, then Internet Explorer but may not function optimally in inferior browsers such as Safari.

    Samir al-Sudani African Recitation - Surah Al Imran 1-54


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