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    NJ Conference: In Defence of the Salafi Manhaj 17th-19th June 2011

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    salaamu 'aleykum wa rahmatullah

    How can I join the classes? Are there any direct links for WizIQ?

    On the Conference page this link is given:

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    walikumasalm wa rahamathuallhi wa barakthuhu

    Alhamdullilah I am getting their invites to their classes....

    Akhee, by clicking 'Add as contact' on SunnahPublishing's WiZiq webpage and by clicking 'Start following' , then insha Allah automatically you would the invites to their classes on WiZiQ

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    I think if you set up an account at WizIQ and "follow" the Sunnah_Publishing wiziq account, you will get links to the live lectures as they become available.

    Also the Sunnah Publishing twitter account has been releasing the links:!/SunnahPubs

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    Walaykum Salaam wa Rahmatullah.

    In the link you provided, "Follow" them, then you will recieve invites from Sunnah Publishing for their lectures in your Wiziq indox, then join the classes from there. Insha'Allah hope this helps.

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    Baarak Allahu feekum, I'm now awaiting the reply.
    At worst I will take the links on Twitter.

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    You can also listen via Paltalk in room Salafi Publications LIVE

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    jazaakallaahu khayr

    Jazaakallaahu khayr to the conference organizers, the shuyookh, and speakers for putting together this beneficial program. May Allaah allow us to make positive changes in our lives and in our communities.

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    As-Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa brakaatuhu

    Though the brothers experienced some technical perplexities in the audio (working off wireless connection) the event was a successful one. We heard via paltalk room, Salafi Publications Live the likes of:

    Shaykh Zayd Bin Haadee Al-Madhkhalee,
    Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jaabiree,
    Shaykh Falaah Ismaa'eel Al-Mundikaar,
    Abu Tasneem Daawood Adeeb,
    Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid,
    Abu Muhammad Al-Maghribi (translator) &
    Abu Yusef Khaleefah (translator)
    Also, I believe our Abu Hafsah Kaashif Khaan delivered a lecture.

    I would like to thank all of the aforenamed for their efforts and all the brothers and sisters who participated in organising and helping out in this event! Also our brother's Abu Layla & Mu'aadh for their assistance with technicalities with the audio.

    The conference was a success that saw attendees attending from much of North America & Canada, totaling close 3,000!!! Walhamdulillaah!

    Jazaakumullaahu khayran ya ikhwaan!

    For CD's contact the brothers at or

    P.s We would like to thank our brothers at Daar us-Sunnah (Shepherds Bush, London) for their participation. As they were scheduled to have their regular tele-link with Shaykh Zayd Bin Haadee Al-Madhkhalee at the time the brothers USA had their rescheduled time slot at the same time. Hence, the tele-link was then given precedence to The Salafi Conference with Daar us-Sunnah's co-operation. Jazaakumullaahu khayran!
    When a man knows his ownself, speech of the people is of no benefit to him!

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    As-Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

    NJ Conference:
    In Defence of the Salafi Manhaj
    17th-19th June 2011

    The CD's for this conference are now available in stock at:
    When a man knows his ownself, speech of the people is of no benefit to him!

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