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    Question Salafiyun In Karachi, Pakistan


    All Praise is due to Allah and may His Peace and Blessings be upon His final messenger and all those who follow Him in goodness.

    To proceed: Firstly may Allah reward the brothers maintaining the forum for spreading beneficial knowledge and for their unveiling the hizbees. Alhamdulilah alla zalika.

    My question is simple: Does anyone know of any righteous salafi brothers in Pakistan, Karachi? The muslims here are divided into many ranks and I want to be sure of whom I'm taking knoweldge from. There are the sufis (various kinds) ,sheeah (various kinds), the qadiyaniunan and finally alot of groups claiming to be ahlul hadith. Some of them indulged in politics.

    Also i'll be traveling to Riyadh, Saudi arabia in sha Allah by the 11th of december, could someone please give me the contacts of salafis in that region who are connected to the ulema? People who can speak either english or urdu.

    Please send details to: Osama_tariq[at]

    Jazaka Allahu Khiran


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