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Thread: Going to Egypt

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    Going to Egypt


    I decided to go to Egypt, inshaAllah, to study Arabic.

    Are there any brothers who are there currently to advise me?

    My first choice was Alexandria, due to the environment there compared to Cairo--- but the institute won't be available until December.

    So my only other option is Nasr City, Cairo.

    My questions/concerns are:

    Is Nasr City the best place to go to in Egypt in terms of Masaajid, Mashaayikh, and the correct 'ilm?

    Is the environment there too "touristy" because of the many institutes there with all the westerners, etc?

    Would anyone else suggest a different route to studying the language? One that is less-Western and more geared towards the correct manhaj?

    Barakullah feekum


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