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    Shia.BS Launched! Glad Tidings for Ahl al-Sunnah

    Quote: All Sunni and Shia authorities (till 1300H/1900CE) are united that the core doctrines of the Shia sect were founded by Abd Allaah bin al-Saba, the Yemeni Jew, who stirred up a revolution against Uthman bin Affan (radiallaahu anhu), claiming Ali (radiallaahu anhu) was the more worthy and legitimate ruler. He eventually claimed Ali is Allaah himself. Within this historical background, the foundatins of the doctrines of the Shia were laid down such as ascribing Lordship (Rububiyyah) to their Imaams, making the concept of Imaamah a central pillar of the religion, making takfir of the Companions, making claims of an incomplete and tampered with Qur'an amongst others. Today the Shia are present in many Muslim lands and the Raafidee state of Iran sponsors much of the propaganda against the people of Tawhid and Sunnah as part of a wider agenda to eliminate Ahl al-Sunnah and to replace it with themselves. This involves the use of proxies in other lands such as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen. Visit http://Shia.BS to learn more.


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