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    Wahhabis.Com Launched! Glad tidings for Ahl al-Sunnah

    We are pleased to announce the launch of:

    A resource for understanding the history and doctrines of the Monotheistic reform movement of Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhaab from the actual writings of its leaders and historians of the time. As you know, this reform movement has been much maligned and slandered on account of propaganda emanating from surrounding adversaries at the state level, from them the Sufis of the Ottoman State, the Nusayri Baatinees of Syria, the Ba'thist Communists of Iraq and the Raafidi Shi'ah of Iran. Coupled with the fact that the Kharijites, Takfiris and Extremists also make appeal to Shaykh Ibn Abd al-Wahhaab (and he is certainly free of them), we have a situation of much confusion and misunderstanding. Inshaa'Allaah, the site aims to address these matters to allow a more accurate picture of the reform movement and its teachings to be grasped.

    We have at least a dozen or so articles coming in quick succession over the next day or two inshaa'Allaah. Please spread as far and wide as you possibly can, as one who directs to good, shares in the reward!

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    Masha'Allah! Beneficial site, Jazak'Allah Khair to those involved...

    Wahabbism Unveiled

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    Assalam alikum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh,

    Jazakum allah khairan for this beneficial site.
    Abu Husam Mouhanad Samir Al-Ramli
    Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA


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