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    Zakaat ul-Fitr - East London

    With the approach of the end of Ramadaan, and in wanting to stick closely
    to the Sunnah, we asked Shaikh 'Ubaid al-Jabiree in November 2002
    concerning Zakaat ul-Fitr.

    Shaykh 'Ubaid ibn Abdillaah ibn Sulaimaan al-Jabiree
    was asked in November 2002

    In Britain few people need Zakaat ul-Fitr, is it permissible for us to send money to another country such as Morocco and the brothers there buy food?

    Laa bas, Laa bas [it is ok], give to those who require it in Britain and send the rest [to morocco].

    Do we send the amount of money required to buy a Sa'a of food for the British or the amount of money required to buy a Sa'a for those in Morocco?

    For the British give them grain, or rice, or that which you have with you, send for the people of Maghrib that which suffices them.

    How many days before 'Eid should we collect the money from the people?

    This returns to you, you judge in the affair so that you can send it quickly, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days so that the money may be collected.

    We will be collecting Zakaat ul-Fitr, Zakaat and Sadaqah.

    Arrangements for collection - London:

    Zakaat ul-Fitr: 1 per person for the orphans and poor in Morocco (as this suffices the people of Morocco), please clearly state the amount of money you are giving and for how many people. You can give your Zakaat ul-Fitr and any other Donations or Zakaat. You need to put it into a sealed envelope clearly stating how much is in there and what it is exactly for. You may put Zakaat ul-Fitr, Zakaat or any Sadaqah in one envelope BUT you must state exactly how much of each is in it.

    Please REMEMBER to put all monies in a sealed envelope with the following written on the envelope:

    1. The amount.

    2. Your name and exactly what its for.

    Alhamdulillaah some Zakaat ul-Fitr has been collected already.

    You can still give your Zakaat ul-Fitr to:

    Walthamstow/Leyton/Leytonstone - Khaalid 07976 453 516
    Forest Gate/Stratford/Whitechapel - Ibraaheem 07832 091 115
    Eastham/Ilford/Barking - Naeem 07946 633 221
    North London - Jamal 07792 337 031

    All Zakaatul Fitr must be collected by Sunday 28th August 2011 ::

    Arrangements for 'Eid Salaah will be posted shortly inshaa Allaah...


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