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    All praise is due to Allaah and may Allaah send prayers and salutations upon Muhammad, His final messenger, to proceed: We are pleased to announce the launch of:

    The aim of the website is to provide a resource where non-Muslims (Christians) can see how Eesaa bin Maryam (alayhimaa as-salaam) are mentioned in the Qur'an, the Sunnah and the sayings of the Muslim scholars. We will not be focusing on the polemical approach used by others, as that is not the primary objective of the site, just simply trying to present a very clear, easy to read, conception of the status and position of Jesus as a Messenger of Allaah in Islaam. Confused, yet intelligent Christians who are looking for answers that inevitably arise when they follow a deen not laid down by Eesaa bin Maryam, will by Allaah's permission, be guided by the simplicity and clarity of the message they find in the Qur'an about Eesaa (alayhis salaam) and that is what we see in practical experience. A lot of Christians enter wholeheartedly into Islam because what remains of their fitrah recognizes the truth in the Qur'an.

    The site will also focus heavily on the message of Tawhid, and aim to educate the (Christian) audience about the Muslim understanding of Tawhid, and this message will be incorporated into most articles. The site has just launched and only has one article! But inshaa'Allaah, more and more content will be added.

    We are open to people contributing if they wish to share in the reward, however we will only accept articles that meet our criteria. There is a general style and approach we wish to maintain and these are some general guidelines:

    • Focus around Qur'anic texts and their explanations from the mufassireen. Likewise focus on the Prophetic ahaadeeth.
    • Try to incorporate Tawhid into each article wherever appropriate.
    • Must be good English, with sound grammar and spelling.
    • Translations must be accurate, sound, and read well.
    • We do not want to focus on polemical issues (like "errors in the Bible", "did Jesus say he was son of god", "is the bible God's word" etc. etc.), however, statements and resources from Scholars of the Sunnah who have written on this subjects (Ibn al-Qayyim, Ibn Taymiyyah) are welcome, because they are in line with the approach we wish to pursue, and they often contain good explanations and rebuttals from rational and textual angles.

    If you would like to contribute, you can communicate with us through private messaging, wa jazaakumullaahu khayran.

    To keep up with all the latest content, please join us on twitter:


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