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    Lightbulb Excerpts from "Protection for the Salafee"


    [Adhere to Evidences, not Fancy Speech, a Cure for Ridding One's Self of Dubious Matters]

    Shaykh, Dr. Ahmad Bazmool (1), may Allah protect him, said:

    ...It is upon [those who] are seeking the truth to adhere to fundamental principles (2), evidences and clear proofs. Do not be fascinated by the distortions and false arguments of those who are deceitful. Remember [and cling to] the statement of Imaam Maalik [d. 179 AH]: 'Is it that every time someone comes to us who is better at argumentation, we leave off that which Jibreel conveyed to Muhammad, prayers and peace upon him, for his [fancy] argument [?!]' If you adhere to this [principle], your confusions will go away, and your doubts will be removed...(3)
    Translated by:
    Abu Adam Jameel Finch
    13th of Ramadhaan, 1432/August 13, 2011


    (1) A scholar in Makkah and a lecturer at Umm al-Quraa University

    (2) [TN]: The principles of the Salaf al-Saalih

    (3) Ahmad Baazmool, Protection for the Salafee from The Whisperings and Deceptions of Ali Hasan al-Halabee, 8


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