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    Taj al-Din al-Fakihani (8th Century Shafi'ite Jurist) on the Mawlid

    Al-Fakihani (7th/8th century Shafi'ite Scholar) on the Mawlid:
    لا أعلم لهذا المولد أصلا في كتاب ولا سنة، ولا ينقل عمله عن أحد من علماء الأمة، الذين هم القدوة في الدين، المتمسكون بآثار المتقدمين، بل هو بِدعة
    I do not know for this mawlid (birthday celebration) any basis in the Book, nor the Sunnah and nor has its practice been narrated from any one of the Scholars of the Ummah who are the followed leaders in the religion holding fast to the ways of the predecessors. Rather, it is an innovation.
    Read the translation of the full fatwa in English (and download Arabic treatise):


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