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    Thumbs up Who from the Scholars and Duaat Are Supporting this Treachery and Corruption in Toronto?

    Over the past few months, a group of people claiming to be supported by Shaykh Waseeullaah ‘Abbaas and some of those associated with have attempted – using secrecy, dissimulation, great deception and treachery – to undermine the da’wah at TROID, to overtake the masjid and all of its resources. They have employed every type of deceptive and treacherous behaviour to seek their goal. They have sought to freeze bank accounts, assets and spread lies and misnomers far and wide to destroy the foundation of salafee da’wah in Canada. An example of their attempts is below. Two of the individuals they incorporated, are from those who left us in the 1990’s. Take a look below and notice their letter to our bank and contrast that with their resignation letters from 14 years ago. These liars also lied to government ministries and the Muslims locally, misleading them and employing every level of evil to seek destruction. In seeking to wrestle control away from the current administration (and no doubt put it in the hands of those associated with they utilized these two liars to falsify information, a criminal offence (legal issues are pending against them).

    The two individuals:
    1. Micheal (Mikeal) Wilson
    2. Vernon (Khalil) Brown

    So they delivered a letter to the bank (claiming to be "the board") after seeking to change organizational documents (with a government ministry) on the pretense that they were part of an organization that they indeed left, almost a decade and half ago. Contrast their letter to the bank with their resignation letters below!

    Letter to bank (dated July 14th 2011) claiming to be 'the board':

    Resignation Letters for these two liars from 1997 (14 years ago!) - Outright lies!

    The third name on this letter is Said Ali. This individual likewise left the organisation in the 90's, leaving the Islamic scene entirely only to resurface recently with his own masjid. So he likewise claimed to be a rep. of the board. Yet, he has his own masjid. This is clear fraud and deception. Further who does he invite? The likes of Said Regeah of the al-Maghrib Institute (Yasir Qadhee's group), the same al-Maghrib Institute that had its founder praise Anwar al-Awlaki. He also invites the likes of Ahmad Shehab ( He has posted his picture profile on-line here:

    So this is just one example of many about a people who lie and cooperate with the hizbiyyeen - claiming not only to be upon salafiyyah but to be the 'real TROID'! It is a tangled web of lies and deception which we will elaborate on in detail - a planned scheme to bring down the da'wah that TROID has been propogating and replace it with themselves, power hungry individuals who claim to have support from Shaykh Wasiullah and are being supported by those aligned with Madeenah.Com. They would like to see the da'wah of clarity replaced with a da'wah of leniency with ahlul-bid'ah wal-hizbiyyah.

    More to follow insha'Allaah...


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