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    Thumbs up Who from the Scholars and Duaat Are Supporting this Treachery and Corruption in Toronto?

    Over the past few months, a group of people claiming to be supported by Shaykh Waseeullaah ‘Abbaas and some of those associated with have attempted – using secrecy, dissimulation, great deception and treachery – to undermine the da’wah at TROID, to overtake the masjid and all of its resources. They have employed every type of deceptive and treacherous behaviour to seek their goal. They have sought to freeze bank accounts, assets and spread lies and misnomers far and wide to destroy the foundation of salafee da’wah in Canada. An example of their attempts is below. Two of the individuals they incorporated, are from those who left us in the 1990’s. Take a look below and notice their letter to our bank and contrast that with their resignation letters from 14 years ago. These liars also lied to government ministries and the Muslims locally, misleading them and employing every level of evil to seek destruction. In seeking to wrestle control away from the current administration (and no doubt put it in the hands of those associated with they utilized these two liars to falsify information, a criminal offence (legal issues are pending against them).

    The two individuals:
    1. Micheal (Mikeal) Wilson
    2. Vernon (Khalil) Brown

    So they delivered a letter to the bank (claiming to be "the board") after seeking to change organizational documents (with a government ministry) on the pretense that they were part of an organization that they indeed left, almost a decade and half ago. Contrast their letter to the bank with their resignation letters below!

    Letter to bank (dated July 14th 2011) claiming to be 'the board':

    Resignation Letters for these two liars from 1997 (14 years ago!) - Outright lies!

    The third name on this letter is Said Ali. This individual likewise left the organisation in the 90's, leaving the Islamic scene entirely only to resurface recently with his own masjid. So he likewise claimed to be a rep. of the board. Yet, he has his own masjid. This is clear fraud and deception. Further who does he invite? The likes of Said Regeah of the al-Maghrib Institute (Yasir Qadhee's group), the same al-Maghrib Institute that had its founder praise Anwar al-Awlaki. He also invites the likes of Ahmad Shehab ( He has posted his picture profile on-line here:

    So this is just one example of many about a people who lie and cooperate with the hizbiyyeen - claiming not only to be upon salafiyyah but to be the 'real TROID'! It is a tangled web of lies and deception which we will elaborate on in detail - a planned scheme to bring down the da'wah that TROID has been propogating and replace it with themselves, power hungry individuals who claim to have support from Shaykh Wasiullah and are being supported by those aligned with Madeenah.Com. They would like to see the da'wah of clarity replaced with a da'wah of leniency with ahlul-bid'ah wal-hizbiyyah.

    More to follow insha'Allaah...

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    Masjid al-Furqaan closed for a Period (due to these harms):

    What indicates the lowliness to which these people have stooped is that they sought to cut off the financial streams that support the beloved masjid. A reckless disregard and clear indication of giving themselves and their agenda priority (over the public interest) and paying no regard whatsoever for the potential disruption caused to the worshippers at the mosque in the short or long term. As a result of their actions of paper fraud and deception, Masjid al-Furqan was closed for some days (July 20th -24th). Historically, this masjid, walhamdulillaah, has been 100% debt-free, but is now facing the prospect of surmounting bills (for utility bills etc.), and may even have interest charged as a penalty for late / non-payment. As this group has been involved in paper fraud and deception to freeze the accounts through which the masjid operates, payments are no longer possible.

    We ask Allaah to protect the Muslims and worshippers at Masjid al-Furqan against the evil designs and consequences of the actions of this small band of mischief-makers.

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    Attempts to Confiscate Publications and other Assets by Some of the Liars Above

    These individuals (Said Ali, Aron (Harun) Cole and Michael (Mikael) Wilson) claimed leadership and ownership for themselves on July 26th (just one day, less than 24hrs, after Shaykh Muhammad Ramzaan left - and he had warned them to cease in their behaviour). They came to Masjid Furqaan (TROID) and demanded that the book publications and other items in the masjid be given to them! Keep in mind, not one of these individuals had any involvement in these publications, running the masjid or any administrative role whatsoever, and are people who have blatanly lied about their involvement in this masjid, made fraudulent claims and falsely represented the community, so much so, members of the local community for the most part, may read this and say "Who on earth is Said Ali, Harun Cole and Mikeal Wilson and what do they have to do with Masjid Furqaan?"

    Due to their fitnah and strife and all the other things that occurred before, the police were called to prevent them from further harm (as it seemed they had gathered in the masjid to attempt something very brazen). They were requested to leave the masjid by the police. During these proceedings, they claimed to the police that the contents of the masjid and centre belong to them, everything, from the books to the carpet! These are people who have had no role in establishing this masjid and islamic centre - and suddenly, they are claiming it for themselves!! These are items that were built up by the organisation to support the masjid, items in some cases donated by the community which they now wish to claim as theirs - amazing indeed! These are some of the conversations that expired:

    Said Ali (who has his own masjid and invites al-Maghrib Institute speakers) said to the Police officer: “We want what belongs to us,” “We want the books, the clothing, even the carpets,” “We have been paying the rent, look at the cheques and you will see our name.”

    The reality is, he doesn’t even know how much the rent is! He never signed a cheque for this masjid ever. He may have prayed in that masjid a handful of times in seven years, not visiting it sometimes for maybe a year! He, Said Ali, continued, “I have a paper, showing that I am the president.” This man all of a sudden is claiming to be the custodian of Masjid Furqaan/TROID! He then attempted to show the Police, but the Police officer responded, “Sir this is not a court. Ahmad (TROID) is the legal owner (leaseholder) of this place, you will have to go to court to prove anything."

    Intelligently, the police officer then asked,Do you have an invoice for the books (TROID Publications)?” Said Ali, “No.” Ahmad Assing interjected, “Of course Officer, he does not have an invoice as he never bought any books, he does not even know what (the names of the) books are.” When all of their requests were denied, Said Ali eventually asked (our exclamations), “Officer, can I take inventory of the stuff in case they steal it [!!!!] or give it away [!!!].” The police officer said, “You have to ask Ahmad for permission” Ahmad responded, “Officer I want them out of the masjid.” Said Ali also said to the Police Officer, "I want you to put a lock on the door. close the building down, at least until we get our stuff" - here we see that Said Ali had no problems to try and shut down the masjid, for his own purposes. Yet they claimed they wanted only good for the community! After some back and forth squabbling, they left the masjid without “their property.”

    They were then warned by the police to leave and that they may face trespassing charges if they return. We certainly have no problem with any Muslim who wishes to worship in the mosque and intends no harm to the people, or to the masjid and center. These are the people, (dear community members) who claim to be the custodians of the masjid, the da'wah centre - and this is the lying and treachery the employ and the harm they are causing. All the while, they are claiming and alleging, that they have support from Shaykh Waseeullah 'Abbaas in their attempts to wrestle control over the center and masjid, and Allaah knows best about the reality of the matter.

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    Attempts to Gain Keys, Alarm Codes and Computer Access at the Masjid/TROID (unlawfully)

    Before the paper fraud attempts to strong-arm TROID, there were actual attempts to use brute-force to gain control of the masjid. There were attempts to gain keys, alarm code access and computer password access! Our brother Mustafa Nigiri (shoorah member and a key holder for the masjid) recounts his conversation with two central characters in this evil operation, the local ring-leader (and self-proclaimed President of TROID) Aron (Harun) Cole and Dirie (Hamza) Beyle:


    Harun Cole: “why were you given a key”

    Mustafa Nigiri: “to open up for fajr”

    Harun Cole: “I'm going to need the key from you”

    Mustafa Nigiri (shocked): “I’m not going to be around the area”

    Harun Cole: “Where are you now”

    Harun Cole: “Hamza (Beyle) lives around there”

    Harun Cole: “I’ll call you back”
    After this, Hamza as-Sumaalee, one of the signees of this petition called Mustafa.

    Hamza as-Sumaalee: “where are you, can we meet up, you know what, I am going to need the access code to get in the masjid”

    Mustafa Nigirii: “what happen to your access code”

    Hamza as-Sumaalee: “It was removed”

    Mustafa Nigiri: “I’m not giving you mine”
    A few days later Harun Cole (local ringleader) called Mustafa again:

    Harun Cole: “I’m going to need the password for the computer at the back, sometime in the night time, when Ahmad (Assing) is not there, Hamza is going to go in and back up files”

    Mustafa Nigiri: “I can’t give it to you, it was an amaanah given to me from ‘Umar”
    This is the account of the noble brother Mustafa, a shoorah member and key-holder. He was shocked by the brazen nature of Cole, Beyle and his associates. It did not seem to cross their minds that this is a criminal offence, it is not rooted in any goodness or taqwaa and Allaah’s refuge is sought. Had the assailants entered the building at night, we naturally would have treated this as a criminal offence and taken appropriate measures through the authorities. This instance happened another time also, when a young brother who volunteers at the masjid (just 17 years old) was also asked for building alarm codes, something he reported to the administration of TROID in some distress.

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    Those Who they Lied Upon and had their Names listed in Support of this Evil, and Their Accounts

    In order to add strength to their vile agenda, they added names of brothers to a list of supporters, unknowingly, without their consent claiming they were with them! This was a ploy to show overwhelming support for their scheme, hoping it would snowball into an avalanche of majority opinion (i.e. if so and so is respected and he agrees to this, it must be the right thing!). Naturally, this infuriated those lied upon! Here are there accounts:

    Ilyas Abu Asiya:

    From: Ilyas Aidarus
    Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 09:15:32 -0400
    To: <>
    Subject: RE: Mail with GoodReader attachments

    BaarakAllaahu feek akhi. Hamdi did call me and fill me in and I was not aware of anything like this until Hamdi called me a few days ago and told me a few people who are behind it and some of the attempts they made at overthrowing the current admin at Troid. Not one single person contacted me regarding this pitiful petition and whoever added my name to that petition is a liar. I did not consent to anything nor do I even know what it contains.

    May Allaah not give success to whoever is behind this and added my name to that petition. Ameen.
    Muhammad Elmi:

    From: Mohamed Elmi
    Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 20:09:05 -0400
    To: <>

    I Muhammad Elmi had my name falsely added to the "list" without being told, or having my permission sought. They told me that my name has been removed from the latest document of theirs, but names of brothers or were never part of "the movement" are still on the list, along with a brother who originally was part of it and sent them his testimony but later freed himself.
    Husayn El Sharif (it was narrated to us by our respected teacher, Abul-‘Abbaas Moosaa that he (Husayn) was noted on a document/list he had observed)

    From: Husayn El Sharif
    Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 19:46:11 -0400
    To: <>
    Cc: Moosaa Richardson, Moosaa
    Subject: Regarding the circulating document

    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

    I was informed that there is a document with a list of grievances against specific members of the administration at Masjid Furqan/, and that this document has my name, Husayn El Sharif, written on it as if I approve of the document and its grievances.

    I want to make it absolutely clear that I never approved of my name appearing on that document. I never received the document. And therefore, I never read it. And I did not give approval for anyone to put my name on it.

    Rather in early June, I was approached about this document/petition, and I clearly declined to get involved in the petition as I live in Florida and don't intend on being in Canada anytime in the near future. Furthermore I believe that the affair of real or perceived grievances would be sufficiently addressed by our respected 'ulemaa and du'aat of Salafiyyah inshaa-Allaah.

    Baarakallaahu feekum,

    Husayn El Sharif
    Lake Worth, Florida USA
    Mustafa Nigiri, volunteer and shoorah member at TROID

    From: Mustafa t
    Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 18:10:26 -0300
    To: <>

    As Salaamu alayka warahamtulaahi

    Bismiallahi wassalaatu wa sallam alaa rasoolilaahi amaa ba'ad

    My name is Mustafa Thomas, since i've come to the masjid in 2007 i've known and seen good from our brothers Ahmed and Umar, they've always tried to involve the youth in projects around the centre and community, including myself personally. They Ahmed and Umar are from the foremost who also propagate ad Dawatul Salaafiayyah clarifying matters of manhaj and aqeedah to the people.

    ...At this point i like to mention that i have been lied against and till today July 5th 2011 some spead lies that i support their evil to brothers in ottawa and i wish to clarify that i am free from and wish to be far removed from the likes of the people who would do such acts.

    I have been wronged and ask Allaah to give to these individuals what they deserve, Ameen !

    jazakaAllaahu khyran

    Subhaanaka wabihamdika ash shaduu alaa ilaha illaa ant wa astaghfiruka wa atuubu ilayk.

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    Assalam alikum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh,

    May allah protect TROID and all the salafi brothers/organizations from the hizbees and from the likes of the people mentioned above.
    Abu Husam Mouhanad Samir Al-Ramli
    Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

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    Lying on the Students of Knowledge (Dawud Adib and Moosaa Richardson) Claiming they Support this Movement

    It became apparent that numerous members of the community had been contacted to try and gain support for this movement. If they didn’t support it with their own opinions, they were given the opinions of others, mix matching various quotes, some rumors, some lies, some true (but out of context) and a general persuasion of ‘consensus’ to sway the one approached. It was quick and daring and it was hoped to spiral into a frenzy as quickly as possible. To conjure up extra strength to the claims, it was claimed that Dawud Adib and Moosaa Richardson support the petition.

    Account 1: Mustafa Nigeri (shoorah member)

    On Thursday 23rd June 2011, our noble brother Mustafa Nigeri recounted a conversation that Aron (Harun) Cole (the local ringleader) had with him:

    "Don't let Ahmad (Assing) tell you anything other than it, Dawud Adib said he is with us"
    This is the account of Mustafa Nigeri, will he be labeled a liar too? Upon hearing this account, We immediately contacted our beloved elder, Abu Dihyah Dawud Adib, to which he responded:

    From: Dawud Adib
    Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 20:47:51 -0400
    To: <>
    Subject: Re: Regarding the circulating document

    I swear by the One who splits the date-stone, the One who suspends the Sun in the sky without any visible supports, the Lord of the Noble Ka'bah that what Haroon Cole has said is inaccurate, false and absolutely not true!
    Account 2: Mustafa Nigeri/Muhamad Elmi (shoorah members)

    On Friday, 24th June 2011, after Ishaa, outside the masjid, Yerbol Kerimov (signee and member of this group) stated in the witness of both Mustafa Nigeri and Muhammad Elmi, “Dawud Adib and Moosaa Richardson are with us.” This is the account of Mustafa Nigeri and Muhamamd Elmi, will they be labeled liars also? This caused more confusion, so we contacted Abu Dihyah Dawud Adib again, to which he responded:

    From: Dawud Adib
    Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 14:04:59 -0700
    To: <>
    Subject: Re: the latest

    Also in corresponding with our teacher, Abul-‘Abbaas Moosaa Richardson, it was clear that he did not agree with their agenda and on the contrary, warned them to stop the fitnah they are causing and destruction to the community. Look at the claims in these accounts and the definitive response of Abu Dihyah Dawud Adib. Allaahul-Musta’aan – a cycle of lies, deceit and treachery. It was not enough to lie on brothers in our community, they also lied upon the Students of Knowledge to create a "shock and awe" response in the community that would make everyone else fall in to line out of fear that there is consensus regarding their overthrow attempt - a carefully plotted scheme. They cared little for the advice of these students of knowledge, dumping them when they didn't get their support.

    Which Scholar of Student of Knowledge would allegedly support this type of lying and treachery?

    All the above facts leave no doubt this is an evil plot motivated by lust for leadership and intent to harm the da'wah, because even if they had genuine grievances or claims that we have fallen into error and they were sincere in wanting correction and rectification and good for the da'wah, they would not be resorting to paper fraud, deception and dissimulation and plain thuggery as well as blatantly disregarding the advice of Shaykh Muhammad Ramzan whom they sat with when he was over here.

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    As Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah. Allahul-Musta'an, this is outrageous behaviour. May Allah expose these people and their evil. How can their actions be defended after this? May Allah support you in this time of fitnah and return the affairs to what they were, Ameen.

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    Attempts to Change the Ownership of the Web Hosting Account for,, – and to gain control of email accounts and Web Servers

    The same evening (as the above banking incident), we noticed that access to our email accounts was not working. Upon seeing this, we sought to log in to our web server (for the abovementioned websites) to check on this issue and found that the password for the webserver didn’t work – it seemed that someone had changed the passwords and locked us out of our webserver and emails! Upon logging in to the customer contact section of our web hosting company, amazingly we found that the ownership of our webserver and the websites above had been changed to Aron (Harun) Cole – the local ringleader for this takeover bid. Here is a screenshot of this fraud:

    Note that the address matches TROID but the owner and point of contact had been changed to Aron (Harun) Cole! So they used the same method of paper-fraud (mentioned above) to convince our web host that they are in charge of these websites and rightful owners! This worked for a short time, and they sought to move very quickly.

    During this five hour window of time they had control, Harun and those aiding him changed our email account passwords, got access to prersonal email accounts and even sent this sample test email to make sure they were in control! (which we found later in our inbox – when we resolved the issue – perhaps they thought they were victorious and we wouldn’t gain control of the sites/email again!), this is the given email:

    Begin forwarded message:
    From: "Haroon" <>
    Date: 16 July, 2011 0:52:15 EDT
    To: <>
    Subject: Test

    Naturally, we sought to resolve this issue quickly with our web hosting company. We managed to speak to exactly the same associate that Aron (Harun) Cole had spoken with. He detailed to us the documents that Said Ali and Aron (Harun) Cole had sent him (imagine that – for those who know or had contact with in the last 10 yrs, do those names mean anything to you as it relates to So he asked me for more updated accounts and proofs of which I was easily able to supply. He then asked me some simple security questions. He (web hosting rep.) asked me “when was the account created?” and “when did you move to a new server?” of which I was able to provide accurate answers off the top of my head. At this point, the web hosting rep. was convinced of the rightful owner and began to open up to me. He said, “These guys, hackers or whoever they are, I asked Aron the same question (i.e. how long has the account active) and he answered ‘a few years’ and he was quite angry with me and I believe you are the rightful owner and we will take steps to secure the situation.”

    So this non-Muslim is even alleging that Aron (Harun) Cole lied to him – in this case to gain control of and the group of troid websites and to access our email accounts (which they did for several hours including personal accounts). The web hosting rep. granted us access to his log of this event for legal purposes which we will be pursuing against the fraudsters and confidence tricksters. Al-Hamdulillaah, the web hosing issue was secured and resolved but not before a bold, ludicrous and simply evil attempt to strongarm them away from their rightful custodians with lies and deception.

    Attempts to Change Ownership to the Registration Rights of the Domain “”

    Following the clandestine web hosting overtake attempt, like the clandestine bank account overtake attempt – it occurred to us that the next logical step involving their paper fraud would be to gain control of the registration and ownership of the domain name "" (for those unfamiliar with websites, there are two aspects, the domain name registration and the web hosting account). Keeping all the technical details to one side, we have possession of the IP address from which this fraud was being attempted, which traces back to a cable account at Rogers. We will be pursuing legal action after tracing the invidual with this information, it is clear that Harun Cole used the services of some other person in this fraud.

    One should also note, that a few days before the website overtake bid, our group of sites were hacked, and a few days before that, our web developer's laptop and phone were stolen - we ask Allaah to expose those who did these acts and bring them to justice, ameen. Currently our group of websites is offline and going through some transitions, it should also be noted that any email correspondence from or the domain currently is not emanating from us.

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    This is extremely disturbing news and I'm praying for the community at TROID that the matter is resolved swiftly and that Allah protects them from further harm especially as we're entering into Ramadhaan.

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    I ask Allah to free our noble and beloved brothers of TROID from these evil and repugnant allegations. The "Protected one is the one Allah protects",so the protection of Allah is sought from those who find it easy to wage war against their Salafiyyah brothers.

    Love for Ahlus-Sunnah wa Hadeeth
    Aboo Zaahid Jalil Meekins

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    Using the Ruse of Claiming Financial Mismanagement As A Disguise For Their Takeover Bid

    The claim of financial mismanagement is one of the most effective ways to start mobilizing people against those responsible for the running of centers of da'wah with a view to removing them and taking their place. We are sure this has been done in other places against those upon the way of the Salaf who strive to connect people to the Scholars and call to clarity in aqidah and manhaj. Those behind the paper-fraud documented above have acted no differently and have taken this route because it is a very effective method to start casting doubts in the minds of the community.

    The reason why this is a very effective method is that in order to counter and rebut all the allegations, the accused have to spend an excruciatingly long time in clarifying the allegations and explaining all the various situations and circumstances surrounding the financial affairs of the running of a mosque and da'wah center and provide facts, details and evidences that prove otherwise and all of this can be complex. By the time they start explaining and clarifying and recounting historical contexts to financial dealings and decisions, the damage has already been done, because screams of "scandal" always attract attention and most people never bother to check the facts. This is how tabloids work to shape public opinion, and this is also how those who lust for power and position also choose to operate.

    With Allaah's praise we are aware that those behind this bold attempt have been and are still trying to garner support from the community and elsewhere for their despicable actions. We have anticipated their claims and already have a detailed response for their allegations. The question is to see how bold they will be in trying to spread many more lies and deceptions now that their agenda is out in the open and it has become clear to the people that even if for argument's sake they had a genuine grievance they have definitely lost all credibility and have only exposed the dishonesty, treachery and personal interests that characterize their ringleaders. There is absolutely no defence for what they have been exposed for thus far. Nobody, not even in their dreams, could conjure up a defence for these actions and say that they are in perfect harmony with the Shariah and in perfect harmony with justice, fairness and rectification, even if they waved fatwa after fatwa from whatever Scholar(s) they allege are in support of them and what they are doing.

    All we can do in this post is to address just one of their many allegations as an illustrative example. They claimed in of their documents that we have:

    No concrete plan to bring an Imaam; all the money is divided back to these two individuals
    This is an example of how they take an issue (bringing an Imaam) which has explanations and reasons, and then employ it as part of others to try to cast aspersions and doubts. Now what is below is part of a much longer and comprehensive response we have made to all their allegations, and some of the things mentioned therein themselves require more background information, so the reader may get a little lost, and this is precisely the point we have made above about the nature of these types of issues. The reader should ignore the details that don't make sense as they are part of a much longer rebuttal and clarification which we shall make available if and when these people decide to be so bold (and stupid) as to spread their lies and allegations further.

    1. As for the first part of this statement, “No concrete plan to bring an Imaam…” the writers of this document claimed in another place, that no one else is allowed to be involved (in TROID other than two brothers), that being the case, how could they ever know (one way or the other) about the plan to bring a student of knowledge to Toronto?
    2. Bringing a student of knowledge to Toronto is not a simple task, it requires that someone is willing and capable firstly, and a financial base is required to support him. In the case of a foreigner, it has legal and work visa requirements, in the case of a Canadian, that situation has not presented itself. We have mentioned to the community, and re-iterated many times, that we, wal-hamdulillaah, have established a non-profit store including a publishing wing, something we spawned (by Allaah’s permission) of the printing of our first publication “The Creed of the Four Imaams”, it is something we have invested in to create an outlet to support a student of knowledge, Imam and administrative staff. Our request to the community has consistently been “We have a target of $5000 a month”, from that amount is rent $2550 and other operational expenses/bills and janitorial. We have mentioned many times that if this target can be reached (of which we haven’t been able to get beyond $2500/month consistently) we have the resources and wherewithal (within TROID Publications and TROIDStore) to support a student of knowledge (to the range of about $2500/monthly). We do not want to make any false promises to any potential student of knowledge and then leave him destitute or in need or relocation after six months etc. so until this base of support for the building can be firmly established, we cannot move forward.
    3. The deceptive writers of this document claim that “all the money is divided back to these two individuals” a slanderous claim, without proof and witnesses that could result in their flogging in an Islamic court – but let’s put that aside for a minute – if it is the case that these two brothers only have self-interest at stake, why on earth would they let the school leave when they agreed to pay $2500 (but refused to change the leadership and directive of the school moving forward), $2500 extra in the coffers should be in their self-interest, should it not? Why would they cancel the 2011 Summer Courses with Moosaa Richardson (something that generated $5500 for TROID last year), in favour of a free programme with the noble Shaykh, Muhammad Ramzaan (shouldn’t they keep the money flowing for themselves)? Rather the interests of the da’wah, integrity and uprightness were deemed uppermost.
    4. The question could be asked, “Why not create a salary for a student of knowledge and remove the need for administrative staff, as a priority?” This can be done, however, it would cause a collapse in the very financial infrastructure designed to support that student of knowledge (TROID Publications and TROIDStore) in the first place, or consume that student of knowledge with being a salesman and administrator instead of a teacher and educator (that is, if he is even capable of that). Currently, ceasing the operation or progression of TROIDStore and TROID Publications would causes a collapse in the financial backbone of this local, regional and international da’wah organization (something the founders of this document would salivate at evidently). An organisation that has been free of debt since the inception of the masjid and running smoothly without interruption (although the writers of this document certainly want to interrupt it).
    5. In a normal situation, the community is responsible for all expenses of running a masjid, it is usually 100% donation driven, this is the norm and understood. In such a scenario, the community is responsible for the building, its upkeep, all related expenses and the salary of an Imam and other staff (depending on the size of the masjid and its needs), we have never requested from the community, to provide a salary for a student of knowledge, administrator etc. although it is undeniable that these positions are pivotal to the running of the centre and organization. Our request has always been, and openly stated on the microphone, “help us to reach the target $5000/monthly (basic core expenses of the centre) and we can do the rest” because by Allaah’s grace, we have been able to strive and work hard to establish these financial outlets of support to relieve some of the burden from a hard-working and financially strapped community in a inner-city, poverty stricken neighbourhood, as our noble brother Abul-‘Abaas pointed out in a recent posting he made on
    6. As our elder brother, Abul-‘Abbaas is a witness, we have sought to create a plan to host a student of knowledge for the last few years, something we have had detailed discussions with him about in the past – and the extreme importance of it in our city.

    As for their slander:

    “…all the money is divided back to these two individuals
    This is a serious allegation, a bold statement not backed up with a shred of evidence. It is so serious in nature that it is something that we should pursue in a court of law, seeking prosecution of the claimants lest they back up their claim with proofs and witnesses, and if they were to broadcast this publicly, we will seek libel, and in the view of some of the Scholars, where a Shariah right is attainable through the law of the land, it is permissible to pursue and seek to redress that right if no other option is available. There are a couple of observations:

    1. In another part of their document, they claim “no new brothers have been allowed to join (TROID),” if this is the case – how then could they ascertain, “all the money is divided back to these two individuals?” Or is it that you are lying?
    2. They also mention, “There is no one to watch over their financial decisions. Ahmad Assing approves Umar’s activities, and Umar approves Ahmad’s.” If there is no one to watch over their financial decisions (other than them) as you claim, again, how do you determine that “all the money is divided back to these two individuals?” or is it that you are lying?

    This is an organisation that has paid its bills on-time, month after month for more than seven years, since the masjid opened, the lights on, heating and AC on, no bounced rent cheques, a flawless record, no collection agencies or debters for the community to deal with, and an influx of beautiful programmes and activities (like the Summer Courses with Moosaa Richardson and the Seminar with Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ramzaan). It took us years to pull out of debt and mismanagement on the part of the Harun Cole and his directive, thousands in debt, an organisation floundering, spinning its wheels. We corrected this affair by Allaah's grace with hard work and kind cooperation from the community. We certainly do not want to return to a day where those who were irresponsible and incapable drowned the organisation in debt and inactivity. Those in the community who have watched the organisation grow, leaps and bounds can attest to the progress of TROID in comparison to the struggles and mismanagement of those who failed to direct the organisation both in terms of financial stability and thabaat (firmness) upon al-manhaj as-salafee. We certainly do not want to see episodes like the one below (from the year 2000) under the watch of some of these individuals who buried the community in years of debt, that set us back almost half a decade before we could pull out of it and open Masjid al-Furqaan (here is an old letter in relation to an outstanding property tax bill):

    It was shortly after this notice that the organisation was forced to leave the facility of 1010 Weston Rd. (inability to pay rent/bills + fines and debts) and the organisation was relegated to the back of a cassette store on Dixon Rd., sharing with another tenant, with one computer and around 100 sqft of space to operate in and thousands of dollars in debt to deal with. It took us four or five years to recover from this debt and lack of leadership and structure on the part of Harun Cole (who was mudir). He eventually departed Toronto to establish a business in Jamaica, leaving the organisation in ruins. Now it seems that after years of pursuing business interests and abandoning the da'wah efforts in Toronto, after the ship has been righted and put back on course, they have returned to lay claim to this organisation as their own - after we wiped out their debt and failure. The intelligent person is not fooled.

  13. #13
    I confirm that any claims that I support this movement now or supported it at one time are absolutely false. From the very first time they sought my advice about these misguided tactics, I told them in the clearest of words - face to face - that it was wrong, and I do not support it. I have repeated this appeal many times, and I pray they come to their senses and stop harming the masjid, the centre, its people, and the image of our da'wah as well.

    I can also confirm from my personal dealings that the TROID administration has tried diligently to bring students of knowledge to Toronto to live and teach on a permanent basis. And this was made clear to the claimants' representatives, and when I asked them quite simply: Which student was able and willing to come to Toronto, and the admin of TROID did not approve of it? There was no answer. So my advice was at that time (about six weeks ago): Is it fair to blame them for something like this? While they are actively pursuing a solution? And have you brought a candidate to their attention or tried to help solve the problem? (Their response: They don't know of anyone available.) Yet they go on using that against our brothers, proving they have no problem continuing in an accusation that they know full well is unfair and baseless.

    It has become clear to me that they were never seeking my advice about their plans (as they claimed), rather they only wanted to remind me of some bad dealings from the past and hope that I would let my emotions lead me into signing on to their petition to remove the administration.

    One of their main activists said to me, out of brotherly concern (as he said): "I am afraid that any further cooperation between you and TROID could seriously harm your reputation!"

    I pray that Allaah prevents me and all of you from allowing our reputation to be the motive behind our actions.

    I ask Allaah to reward our brothers for their patience in these trials, and to grant them success and stability upon the Truth, and His special protection from the hidden and open plans of these mufsidoon.

    And for those sincere brothers who got mixed up with the wrong people: Make towbah to Allaah for the harm to your own community you have helped cause, correct your relationship with Allaah, and follow the example of the brothers who are realizing the reality of the hidden agenda and are now walking away. May Allaah grant you success.
    Moosaa Richardson

  14. #14

    Machiavellian Politics and Lust for Power In the Name of Da'wah and Rectification

    From all the previous posts, the respected reader will have realized the reality of the matter. Here we present a letter from the self-appointed "president", Aaron (Harun) Cole. Two of these letters were sent to the two brothers responsible for the day to day affairs of the center and masjid, and this particular one is the new president dismissing the old one!

    The reader should understand this was a very carefully planned and orchestrated plot, worked out in great detail, and whose execution was intended with timing and precision. They had been working to garner as much support as possible through whatever means possible from the local community and the various du'at, using dissimulation, pretence, conniving, secrecy and the likes. Part of this was the paper-fraud they had to prepare for in order to freeze bank accounts and take over hosting and other such matters.

    Remember that the individuals leading this plot were present in the early stages of TROID (10-15) years ago but either resigned or just disappeared off the scene and went their own ways to pursue jobs, wealth, or whatever it was, Allaah knows best. From that time we worked to bring the center and the masjid (not present in their time) to where it is now. It is therefore from the greatest of deception, treachery and Machiavellian politics that they popped out of nowhere and tried to excecute this audacious and what can only be described as a large scale hate-filled attack upon the da'wah operation. They were hoping that by the sheer momentum they aimed to initiate by winning support from the community and support from the various callers they approached privately they could quickly execute this plan and take control over all aspects of the da'wah, from the building, to the assets, to the bank accounts and so on, with the least amount of obstacles and barrriers. As part of this they had to get or claim support from the du'at and Scholar(s). By Allaah's praise, they have been exposed, and we don't know which Scholar(s) would support such treacherous and deceptive behaviour, because these culprits are claiming they have support from certain Scholars and Allaah knows best about the reality of the matter. No Scholar would ever knowingly support such actions. As for the du'at they approached, every single one of them advised them against what they were doing, but they paid no heed, not even to Shaykh Muhammad Ramzan who told them in their faces to stop this activity. No sooner had the Shaykh left, except that they continued to steam ahead in their corruption and mischief, from Allaah is all aid sought!

  15. #15
    An Open Letter to the Muslims of Masjid al-Furqaan (Toronto, Canada) from Abul-'Abbaas Moosaa Richardson (Summer Courses Instructor)

    In the Name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, the Ever Compassionate...


    Praise be to Allaah alone. May He raise the rank of our Messenger Muhammad and grant him peace.

    From Moosaa Richardson to the Muslims at Masjid al-Furqaan in Toronto, Canada

    As-Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

    I pray that Allaah the Exalted blesses you and your families with increased sincerity and firmness upon the Truth, and that He unites your hearts this blessed month of Ramadhaan as true brothers worshipping one Lord, following one Path, with one goal - Salvation in this life and the Next.

    "And hold fast all of you together to the Rope of Allaah, and do not be divided amongst yourselves. And remember the favor of Allaah upon you, that you were once enemies and yet He joined your hearts together, and by His Grace (alone) you became brothers, after having been at the brink of a pit of Fire, He saved you from it. Like this, Allaah makes His signs clear to you, so that you might be rightly guided." [meaning of 3:103]

    When splitting occurs amongst those striving to follow the way of the Salaf, it is ONLY because the Shaytaan has led some or all of them to neglect important Islaamic principles, that protect and foster their brotherhood.

    The Salafee call, the way of the Prophets, Companions, and righteous early imaams, is a path of honesty and clarity. Lying and deception does not aid the truth ever, dear brothers.

    The Salafee call is a path of brotherhood, patience, and mutual advice. Stick with your brothers, and do not be divided. If you truly intend to see your brothers improve, then stick by them and patiently advise them. Our Messenger (sallallaahu alayhe wa sallam) said, what means, "The Deen (Religion of Islaam) is Naseehah (sincere advice)." We are all obliged by our religion to be patient, offer good advice, and receive it well from others. May Allaah grant us success with this.

    In Toronto, as you know, there is a group involved in underhanded acts of treachery against your community, like initiating the freezing of the centre's bank accounts, issuing documents claiming leadership of the centre for themselves, trying to seize property from the very store that funds the community, and other misguided attempts to remove the current administration, harm them, or drive them away.

    While only Allaah knows the extent of damage they have already caused the community and what they have planned for the future, they have managed to gain support from some of the honest everyday Muslims of Toronto, who are unaware of their real agenda. They play on emotions and capitalize on bad dealings, disputes, and arguments of the past. They misrepresent themselves as people who seek islaah (correction), claiming support from scholars and students of knowledge.

    I have advised them directly on a number of occasions, in person, by phone, and by email, with clear and direct advice (that they sought from me), asking them to take the path of the Salaf, be patient, advise, work with the community, and not to cause division, disputing, and animosity. This remains to be my advice to them, if they are sincere and want islaah in truth.

    In my opinion, the last month or more of ongoing strife, animosity, splitting, closing of the masjid, police in the masjid, etc. has been initiated and fueled by their stubborn neglect and abandonment of the advice they have requested. I plea to them to return to the advice they have requested from me, advice that will only lead them to good by Allaah's Permission.

    I further advise the Muslims of Masjid al-Furqaan with the following:

    1) Turn to Allaah alone, sincerely, repenting to Him alone, asking Him for guidance and stability. These trials are from our own sins! Allaah says, what means, "Corruption (evil, sins, disobedience, fitnah, etc.) has appeared on land and at sea because of what the hands of the people have earned, that He (Allaah) may cause them to taste some of what they have earned, so they might return (to Allaah from their wrongdoing)." [30:41] Flee to Allaah alone and seek refuge with Him from these trials.

    2) Stand by your brothers in your community who have shown years of hard work and have built much for the blessed Da'wah of the Salaf in Toronto and elsewhere. Work with them, be brothers, correct their errors and advise them personally with what will benefit them.

    3) If you are approached by one of the takeover activists, admonish him directly and clearly to fear Allaah and stop creating and perpetuating strife in the community. Many of you have already done this, and continue to do so, and I ask Allaah to bless you for your good deeds. Do not engage in debates or exchanges of bad manners with them, especially in or around your masjid. Simply advise them sternly, and then pray for their guidance in their absence.

    In closing: Do your best to repel fitnah and rid your community of quarrels, disputes, and animosity, to the best of your ability. Work together in every good way, as Allaah commands us.

    Allaah says, what means, "And cooperate (all of you together) in acts of righteousness and piety, and do not cooperate in acts of sin and transgression." [5:2]

    And He says, what means, "O you who have eemaan! When you meet secretly, do not hold secret counsels of sin and transgression, and disobedience of the Messenger! Rather, hold secret counsels of righteousness and piety! And fear Allaah, the One unto Whom you shall all be gathered!" [58:9]

    And Allaah swears by the passing of time itself that "Surely mankind is in a state of loss, except for those who have eemaan and perform righteous actions, advising each other with the Truth, and advising each other with patience." [Meaning of Soorah al-'Asr]

    And Allaah knows best.

    I pray that Allaah keeps all of you safe, and that your community can resume thriving with great cooperative efforts to spread our beloved da'wah. May Allaah raise the rank of our Messenger and grant him peace. Was-salaam.

    (Written on the eve of Ramadhaan: 8/30/1432)


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    May Allaah تعالى safeguard Masjid al Furqaan and the dawah of Troid from any trouble makers. Ameen.

    It is a good masjid with good brothers who are dedicated to their work of Islaamic propogation.

  17. #17

    Countering the Lies of Tahir Farooq

    So far we have focused on the ground level activities of people like Harun Cole, Mikael Wilson, Said Ali, Vernon Khalil Brown, and we have seen the underhanded, deceptive and treacherous actions they have performed as part of the agenda to wrestle control over the markaz and the masjid by using paper fraud to freeze bank accounts, sieze the hosting and domain and attempt to steal the assets in the bookstore. We believe that they are supported at a higher, more tactical level by others who have ties to Madeenah.Com (as indicated by some of their supporters) and likewise who have connections to Tahir Wyatt and Zahid Rashid. It has been stated to us (and others) that they allegedly have support from Shaykh Wasiullaah and it is known that this same network of people have used Shaykh Waseeullaah over the years to wage their campaign against Maktabah Salafiyyah in the UK, after having failed with other Shaykhs. The intense hatred of these people was exposed recently through their dealings with Shaykh Falah Isma'eel on his recent trip to the US. We do not doubt for one second that the agenda against Salafi Publications and against Troid has common origins and shared personalities, the only difference being that they found us to be an easier target after having failed with Salafi Publications.

    The picture becomes more clear when we evaluate the writings, statements, associations and actions of people like Tahir Farooq. Tahir Farooq is part of this group and is responsible for spreading a lot of the lies which helped to create the public cover for this takeover attempt. The most amazing thing is that people like Tahir Farooq have outwardly and openly maintained relations with us whilst knowing full well what is happening and being planned in the background, rather, been part of that very planning. This is a type of hypocrisy (nifaq), and many of the community members whom these people tried to draw in have now recognized this duplicity and two-facedness shown by these people.

    In an email dated 1st August 2011 (two days ago), Tahir Farooq wrote to a brother in the Emirates stating the following:

    Brother Said and Haroon are the rightful owners of and the organization according to Ontario law and Islamic principles of ownership. They took control of the website through completely legal way. It was Umar who called the company and caused this disruption.
    Allah knows best how blatant lies can be made in such a casual way on the very first day of the month of Ramadan, how these people have little wara' even after the devils have been chained.

    Harun Cole was acting-president for a period although he was never on any official or legal paperwork. Harun was only added to the list of Directors on May 27th 2011 through electronic filing fraud, as a means of enabling the treacherous, corrupt takeover attempt and theft of assets. After playing the role of acting-president, he left around Summer 2000, eleven years ago and went to Jamaica to pursue business (confirmed by his former business partner). This was after the center was left in debt and pretty much in ruins, as we have explained in earlier posts.

    As for Said Ali, then he was the original president from the incorporation documents in 1997. Yet he disappeared after a failed summer camp only a year later. A fundraiser at a mosque in April 1998 helped generate $10,000 for the organization. This was then used to organize a summer camp as a means of generating more revenue. However, Said made a private arrangement with a sister in the community allowing her to put up half of the money for the summer camp, turning it into a shared profit event. A lot of members quit because the da'wah centre was supposed to be non-profit, yet this was made into a for-profit event. The camp (July 1998) turned out to be a failure in all respects, logistically and financially. All the money raised was lost and even worse, in just a four month period, the organization fell into debt by $6000, that is from +$10,000 to -$6,000 in four months! In July 1998, immediately after the camp failure, Said abandoned the organization and was not seen until three weeks later, his appearance clearly indicating a weakening of his eemaan and this was coupled with the new talk around the town that troid had misappropriated some of the money invested by the sister. He was never seen until several years later, this time even weaker in his eemaan! I (Ahmad) saw Said Ali at the corner of Weston Rd. and Lawrence Ave. one day in 2002 and asked him when will he get back into practicing and so on. He replied "When Allaah makes my business successful, you will see me back in the dawah" Qadarullaah he never became successful with his computer business. When a person abandons ship and runs off like this, can it still be claimed this man is a rightful owner of the organization! Said Ali has only resurfaced relatively recently running his own masjid, inviting al-Maghrib Institute instructors and Tablighis to his masjid, as evidenced by the flyers used to promote these events.

    Neither Ontario law and nor Islamic principles render these people as rightful owners of the organization, the domain, the website, the masjid or any of the current assets. This is because even if for argument's sake they had been serving officers or directors, the authorities have to be notified of all appointments and resignations by way of an annual return, and the annual returns from that time do not show Harun Cole nor Said Ali as officers of the organization. If they felt they were still part of the organization and had even the slightest connection to it, they would have made sure that their names were on the annual returns. Instead, after pretty much driving the organization into the ground in their own ways, they abandoned ship and pursued their dunya. So the truth is in fact the very opposite of what Tahir Farooq claims. As Harun Cole was never legally an officer of the organization, period and Said Ali went into hiding after 1998, hardly to be seen at the center for the next thirteen years, it is against both Ontario law and Islamic Law for these people to use paper-fraud, lies and deception in order to wrestle control of the center, the masjid, and the assets connected to them.

    From that time walhamdulillaah, by Allaah's permission, we have worked to strengthen the da'wah and to branch out into different areas (publishing) and also opened Masjid al-Furqaan and the organization has been running completely debt free. To commence these recent activities (and throw the organization into debt) these people fraudulently used very old paperwork, when Troid was incorporated (September 1997) which contained the names of the two who officially resigned in November 1997 (Mikael Wilson and Vernon Khalil Brown) and Said Ali. This is paper fraud, because none of these individuals are, from a legal point of view, officers of the organization because the annual returns show otherwise.

    Here is the original incorporation document from September 1997:

    We see the names of Said Ali, Vernon Brown and Michael Wilson. As we proved earlier on both Vernon Brown and Michael Wilson resigned the very next month, their resignation letters are in the first post in this thread, and hence, they have knowingly signed fraudulent documents as part of this recent takeover bid. As for Said Ali, he abandoned Troid and went on his way, as we have explained, in 1998, short of a year later. As for Harun Cole, he has never been an officer of the organization in any legal capacity, period. Here is a sample annual return from 2005 where Ahmad and 'Umar (Anthony) are president and secretary respectively and have been for ten years since 2001. We along with Jama Hassan and other helpers have been running the centre since.

    Therefore, Tahir Farooq's lie that Said Ali and Harun Cole are rightful owners of Troid is exposed walhamdulillaah, and this is just one of his many other lies that are being used in order to dupe the wider community into supporting the actions of treachery, deception and corruption taking place on the ground level.

    As for Tahir Farooq's statement:

    They took control of the website through completely legal way. It was Umar who called the company and caused this disruption.
    This reminds you of a certain group of people who dispossess another of their land, bomb them, demolish their homes, kill their children, steal their crops and then start playing and screaming the victim to the rest of the world to gain sympathy as if they are ones who have truly been wronged!

    Tahir Farooq, Madeenah.Com and Shaykh Waseeullah

    Tahir Farooq has associations with Ahrar Muhammad Sharif (a listed Madeenah.Com writer and translator and a signatory to the document used to initiate this discord and corruption within the community) and from previous interactions with him it is apparent that he, like Ahrar Muhammad Sharif, is upon the way and thought of Madeenah.Com, Tahir Wyatt and Zahid Rashid who are known to attack Salafis and scheme against them whilst remaining silent about the Ahl al-Bidah and often cooperating with the Hizbiyyeen, as has been noted by Shaykh Rabee' (refer to this thread) about some of them:

    After I studied this matter, I found that he (i.e. Tahir Wyatt) was refuting Salafees in the West and harming them, and he would accompany those who were splitting the ranks of the Salafees. And recently some articles have been posted on Kulasalafiyyeen relating to this matter. These things are an indication of something. The next matter is that he refused to speak about Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee, but his soul allows him to rebuke Salafees. How is it easy for him to attack Salafees here and there and he finds it difficult to speak a word of truth about Abul-Hasan al-Ma`ribee. If he (i.e. Tahir Wyatt) was a Salafee, then this would not be his condition...

    ...This is my stance and the stance of Shaykh 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree and Shaykh Falaah Ismaa'eel and others from the Mashaayikh concerning what has taken place of recent in America in opposition to some of the Mashaayikh in al-Madeenah who are not aware of his situation.
    This network (Madeenah.Com) has also been exposed and spoken of by Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiree, Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee on numerous occasions (with very harsh words), Shaykh Ahmad Subay'ee, Shaykh Falaah Ismaa'eel and others.

    What we would like to know is: Who are the people who have been liaising with Shaykh Waseeullaah in order to facilitate the actions of fraud, deceit, dishonesty and treachery at the ground level. Who are the individuals who have been asking questions and getting fatwas to justify this corruption. And where are these fatwas? We ask these questions because some of them are claiming they have fatwas from Shaykh Waseeullaah supporting them.

    Being very generous and giving people like Harun Cole, Mikael Wilson, Said Ali, Vernon Khalil Brown an excuse and saying that these brothers would not get involved in these actions unless they believed (mistakenly) that all of this is correct, justified and supported by Scholars, then who are the people at the higher level who are misguiding these ground level people into thinking that paper-fraud, deceit, deception, treachery and organized theft is permissible because of what is perceived to be a higher, nobler aim which is apparently supported by Scholars with whom they are liasing for these people? We would like to see their correspondence with Shaykh Waseeullah who is alleged to be in support of this activity, and we would like these individuals to come forward and present themselves and raise their charges and accusations against us directly. If they believe we have such errors and mistakes in aqidah or manhaj that justifies their tactical support for this group by liasing with Shaykh Waseeullah for that purpose then let them come out and explain it all to us.

  18. #18

    Another Brother Whose Name Has Been Deceptively Used

    We received the following via an email (on 2nd August) from a brother whose name was deceptively put on the list by the plotters of the attempted coup:

    I have read the posts by TROID.ORG on and I had no idea how far the deception from those certain individuals have gone. I was literally taken aback by their level of treachery and deviant actions, May Allah protect us from that. I also just read Musa's post on there and I'm happy he made his position very clear along with Dawud Adib. As some from amongst them claimed that Dawud Adib was "with them."

    My name was put on the "list" by those individuals, but I was never ever contacted by them, NOR did I give anyone any permission to put my name on this list, and I just wanted my testimony to be in writing and to be made clear. And till this day I have never seen 'the list' (the report) or know of its true contents.

    As Musa Richardson and Dawud Adib said they did not support them and they also did not heed the advice of Sheikh Ramzan, so it seems that their intentions were to get an answer that suited their needs even if it had no truth to it.

    I also want to say that for my time in Troid and dealing with Umaar al-Irlandee specifically, I have nothing but good to say about the brother. In all my dealings with him he has been very responsible, professional, and most importantly, very brotherly to me. He ran Troid like it deserved to be run, from the online lectures for the Musa Richardson classes on wiziq, to the bookstore & book publishing, online bookstore, the donations, all the drives, and the day to day affairs.

    May Allah protect the dawah in Toronto and to make Troid a brighter beacon of truth then it ever was and increase the brothers/sisters in rank on the Day of Judgement for putting the dawah ahead of themselves and sacrificing countless hours and money for the sake of Allah. Ameeen.

    Your brother in Islaam, Khalid
    Update (05/08/2011): Khalid was informed by another brother who believed he had seen his name on the document, but this has now been questioned. This matter will be clarified in a separate post later in this thread. While this matter is clarified, it does not change the fact that many names have been used without their permission, agreement and consent.

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    Assalam alikum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh,

    Jazakum allah khairan for keeping your brothers posted on this issue. We ask allah (subhanah wa tala'a) to safeguard all the salafi organizations.
    Abu Husam Mouhanad Samir Al-Ramli
    Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

  20. #20

    Tahir Farooq And Shaykh Waseeullaah's Advice To Seize Property

    As we mentioned in our previous post Tahir Farooq is responsible for spreading propaganda and lies to the community in order create the cover and justification for the paper and electronic fraud, and aggressive take over bid using lies, deception and treachery. This has included making and spreading baseless allegations of financial misconduct as a means of whipping up sentiments and gaining support for their movement over the months and weeks prior to the planned coup. In this post we analyze this character a little more from his emails (the highlights are ours):

    From: Tahir Farooq <>
    Subject: Re: Notice
    Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 10:17 PM

    May Allah preserve you. I don't know if you are aware, we are in close contact with Shaykh Wasiullah and he has (along with other mashayakh) clearly mentioned the permissibility of using Canadian legal system to remove these individuals. Anyways, these guys have initiated this and wide opened this door by calling police on brothers for "trespassing" (a blatant lie, when Said, Mikaal, and Harun wanted to simply talk to Ahmed and there was no indication, intention or action of transgression involved) and threatening others with being charged with "trespassing". You are more than welcome to talk to Shaykh Wasiullah yourself and clarify this confusion. Otherwise its merely an opinion and for obvious reason we can not follow opinions.
    We now have it directly from Tahir Faruq that they (plural, "we are in close contact") with Shaykh Waseeullaah and it is clear that Shaykh Waseeullaah is claimed by them as a Scholar who has justified and sanctioned their actions at the ground level. Actions which the whole world can see (without any doubt whatsoever) from everything which has been mentioned already are illegal, against Ontario law, and involve paper and electronic filing fraud, false witness, attempted theft of assets and they think they are justified in doing so because the end justify the means and the Canadian legal system can be gamed through fraud and deception for the desired ends.

    Notice Tahir's statement:

    ...these guys have initiated this and wide opened this door by calling police on brothers for "trespassing" (a blatant lie, when Said, Mikaal, and Harun wanted to simply talk to Ahmed and there was no indication, intention or action of transgression involved) and threatening others with being charged with "trespassing"...
    Compare this with his statement in another email on the very same day:

    From: Tahir Farooq <>
    Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 5:48 PM

    As per the advice of our noble Shaykh Wasiullah Abass to take possession of the property of TROID (books, tapes, etc.), brother Harun, Said and Mikaal (original founders of TROID) notified Toronto Police regarding entering Masjid Furqan to take possession of the property of TROID.
    As we clarified ealier, Harun Cole, has never legally been part of Troid. As for Mikael (Michael Wilson), his resignation letter from the board of Troid is shown in the first post in this thread and that was almost 14 years ago! And as for Said Ali, then read post #17 above. He disappeared off the scene after driving the center into the ground financially and being put to trial in his deen. But notice the discrepancy and the great lie. In the second email Tahir Farooq says that they notified the police about their intention to take possession of the property of TROID. The only reason why you would notify the police is because you anticipate the situation is likely to get ugly and hence you give an up front notice to the police so that if and when they do arrive or are called they understand what is going on and will treat it as a civil matter and not get involved. Therefore, the outcome will be favourable to those who planned to take possession of the property. This shows a clear intent to seize property by force and that was the intention all along. They had a clear plan to confiscate the contents of the building (books, CDs, merchandise and other assets), just like they had attempted to take control over the bank accounts and website(s). It has come to our knowledge that they had a van ready for this purpose on the same day in order to remove the assets and transport them away for storage elsewhere. So look at the blatant lie of Tahir Farooq when he says in the evening of the 27th of July:

    ...these guys have initiated this and wide opened this door by calling police on brothers for "trespassing" (a blatant lie, when Said, Mikaal, and Harun wanted to simply talk to Ahmed and there was no indication, intention or action of transgression involved) and threatening others with being charged with "trespassing"...
    And yet just hours before, he explained in a group email:

    As per the advice of our noble Shaykh Wasiullah Abass to take possession of the property of TROID (books, tapes, etc.), brother Harun, Said and Mikaal (original founders of TROID) notified Toronto Police regarding entering Masjid Furqan to take possession of the property of TROID.
    It looks like Tahir Farooq was trying to cover for the attempted and planned seizure of the property when word got out to others that this is what they had attempted on the 26th July and they received a negative response. So later in the day (in the later email), he tried to put the blame on Ahmad for calling the police! The end result was that the police were called and because the lease is not in any of their names, they were guilty of trespass according to Ontario law, and would also have been guilty of theft if they tried to seize anything (acting as they claim upon the advice of Shaykh Waseeullaah). For that reason the police told them to leave and cautioned them. A huge smack in their faces, and utter humiliation, after they were the first ones to involve the police! Indeed Allaah knows the mischief-maker from the true rectifier! Allaah, the Exalted stated in the Qur'an:

    وَاللّهُ يَعْلَمُ الْمُفْسِدَ مِنَ الْمُصْلِحِ

    And Allaah knows the mischief-maker from the rectifier (2:220)

    And Allaah, the Exalted also said:

    إِنَّ اللّهَ لاَ يُصْلِحُ عَمَلَ الْمُفْسِدِينَ

    Indeed, Allaah does not cause to prosper, the action of the mischief-makers (10:81)

    And Imam at-Tabaree commented on this verse:

    Meaning, He does not cause to prosper the act of the one who strove upon the earth with what He dislikes, and who worked disobedience (to Allaah) therein.
    And Imam as-Sa'dee commented on this verse:

    And thus is the (case) with every mischief-maker upon the earth who contrived a plot or came with trickery, for his action will be invalidated and will perish, and even if his action achieved some distribution (spreading) for a given time, its eventual destination will be its fading away and annihilation.
    Had they proceeded through the legal system in the correct and ethical way, they still would have failed miserably because they would have had to corroborate all their allegations in court, with evidence, and this would be time-consuming, costly, and there is absolutely no way they would have got anywhere because the truth is not on their side and falsehood and mischief is with them and as for mistakes, then all of us are human, and there are ways and means to rectify things without creating such harm, mischief and corruption. They have not found within us any opposition to the aqidah of the Salaf, or any opposition to the manhaj of the Salaf, so that is a dead end there too. With their knowledge that they would have absolutely no grounds at all from a legal perspective for their fraudulent take-over bid, they, according to their own statements, claim to be justified, supported and guided in this matter by their close contact with Shaykh Waseeullaah and his fatwa(s) to take possession of the bank accounts, websites, and assets, through what they have employed of paper and electronic filing fraud, false witness and forgery.

    Walhamdulillaah, they have not succeeded, because Allaah does not support or give fruition to the actions of paper and electronic filing fraud, false-witness (al-qawl az-zoor) deception, treachery, dissimulation, double-facedness, hypocrisy and striving for mischief upon the land. Whilst the community has suffered at the hands of these people, the eventual destination of their action will be annihilation (as explained by Imaam as-Sa'dee), and there is not even any need to say "inshaa'allaah" because the speech of Allaah has guaranteed it's occurrence already, it is a law in Allaah's creation that such actions do not bear fruits.


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