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    Oslo Terrorist Who Killed at Least 92 at Youth Camp Is Anti-Muslim Pro-Zionist

    Whilst speaking out against the extremist doctrines of 20th century Kharijite Extremists who were spawned from the books and writings of Sayyid Qutb in the 1960s and left a trail of destruction in the Middle East (Egypt, Syria, Algeria) before they even put a footstep into the Western lands, it is important to realise that extremism is not a monopoly or an exclusive right for the people of one group, race or religion. Extremism is extremism no matter who it comes from. Here we have in Anders Breivik the perfect example. It is established that Breivik was a writer for numerous rabid anti-Muslim pro-Zionist blogs. It is apparent that Breivik is a fervent supporter of rabid anti-Muslim fanatics such as Spencer, Pipes, Geller, Wilders, Schlussel and Gabriel (all surnames) indicating the source of his influence. The youth gathering on the island where the massacre took place consisted of large numbers of future political leaders of Norway, from the Labour Party Youth Movement (AUF). They harbour a very anti-Israeli stance and have in the past called for criminal proceedings against Israeli leaders (like Sharon). Norway has also been in favour of and supportive of boycotting Israeli goods, Norway's national oil company has boycotted Israel because of settlements in Gaza (it was Norway's Oil and Energy Department building that was bombed and the the building housing the prime minister's office, which are next to each other). Just as a proposal was made in Norway, earlier this year, which allowed for military action against Israel. The picture (at the very youth camp where 600 gathered), is from one day before the massacre. These youth were likely to be in prominent positions in the politics of Norway in the future (most were around 20 years old), and this probably meant an unfavourable political stance towards Israel from a European nation, and once free-thinking people (at the ground and street-level) are able to push their views and moral, ethical positions strongly into the political arena with national policy in their sights, that "disease" might just catch on to other nations. An attempt was made by privately-owned corporate media outlets to frame the attackers as Muslims, but as the perpetrator(s) were caught [many witnesses report more than one gunman and a second man was arrested], this quickly lost all of its steam (except in Rupert Murdoch's quarters where cows are employed to maintain a constant, fresh supply - see pic to the right). Why would Breivik leave attacking those huge congregations of Muslim immigrants that are supposedly overtaking Norway and "degrading the country" and instead kill 80 odd politically-charged (mostly) white (Norwegian) kids at a youth camp. Who knows, this could have been a failed attempt by the perpetrator(s) to commit an atrocity (as a lesson to a free-thinking nation) and subsequently blame it on Muslims (to tell Norwegians Muslims are their enemies). Only the facts will tell but so far it is clear that Breivik is a fanatical Christian Zionist influenced by many of the fanatical rabid anti-Muslim bigots such as those named earlier who foster hatred of Islam and Muslims. Notice how the word "terrorist" is nowhere to be seen in media reporting...

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