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    Some Useful Resources On This Subject

    In The Name Of Allaah, The Most Merciful The Bestower Of Mercy

    Here are some useful resources on this topic Inshaa-Allaah

    [1]Tahdheebu Wa Tarteebul Itqaan Fee Uloomil Qur'aan of Imaam Suyootee (rahimahullaah); by Shaikh Muhammad Bin Umar Bin Saalim Baazmool
    Publishers: Daarul Istiqaamah

    [2] Imaam Shaafi-ee's Ar-Risaalah also is useful
    Explained And Commentary by Al-Allaamah Ahmad Muhammad Shaakir
    Publishers: Daarul Aathaar

    Some Copies were available at the Salafi Bookstore [Salafipublications;Coventry Rd]


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