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    Lightbulb Announcement: Albaseerah can confirm that the new masjid as-sunnah of bradford, uk will open...




    As-salaamu 'alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh.

    All praises be to Allah, the Lord of mankind, jinn, and all that exists. It is with humbleness and gratefulness to Allah that we announce that the new Masjid As-Sunnah, Bradford, UK will officially open and become established as a Masjid this Jumu’ah Insha’Allah. We thank Allah for this massive bounty that He has bestowed upon the Muslims. We then thank all our believing brothers and sisters who have supported this project by financial means, by supplications, by moral support, by encouraging others, by being patient with this project. We also thank our team of brothers who have been working non-stop for the last 4 weeks to make essential adjustments to the Masjid building. It is them who have informed us that the building is now ready to open, May Allah grant them firdous.

    We can honestly say that Albaseerah has been waiting for this day even since it began over 10 years ago.
    This could never have been achieved had Allah not willed. May Allah make this Masjid a beacon of light for the people of today and for those hundreds and thousands of years from now. We ask Allah to make this Masjid a centre and an example for both the Muslims and the Non-Muslims and make it a means to demonstrate the beauty of Islam and the Muslims. We ask Allah to accept the actions of everyone who has been a part of this project from the local team to London to America to the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia and many many more people who have helped. Your reward is with Allah.

    We would like to make it clear that our decision to open this Masjid came after much consultation with many of our brothers from the students of knowledge. We also asked the noble Shaykh Al-Alaamah Saleh al-Fawzaan in a Q&A session after his lesson and went to see the Mufti Abdul Azeez Alush Sheikh at his Darul-Iftaa office in Riyadh regarding some concerns we had. We were encouraged to open the masjid and that the Muslims would not let a masjid collapse. This was in relation to the debt we had at the time as well as some other difficulties that we faced. We are still in a considerable amount of debt (65,306) which needs to be returned to the people who loaned us the money. We encourage everyone to please continue donating as we will now have a lot of outgoings as the Masjid swings into full operation Insha'Allah. We really cannot emphasise this issue enough.

    A confirmed time for the first jumuah at Masjid as-Sunnah will be announced in due course.

    Your brothers and sisters at Albaseerah

    WassalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah


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