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    Ibrahim ibn Adham | ''You're hearts have died due to 10 matters''

    Ibrahim ibn Adham passed by the market in Basrah, so the people gathered around him and said:

    "O Abu Ishaaq: why is it that our supplications are not answered?"

    He said: "Because your hearts have died due to 10 matters."

    They said: "And what are they?"

    He said:

    1. You've acknowledged Allah yet you do not fulfill his rights.

    2. You claim to love the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) but abandon his sunnah.

    3. You read the Quran and do not act upon it.

    4. You eat from the bounties of Allah and do not show gratitude.

    5. You've said that Shaytaan is your enemy yet you are in agreement with him.

    6. You've said that paradise is real you have not worked for it.

    7. You've said that hellfire is real but you do not flee from it.

    8. You've said that death is a reality yet you do not prepare for it.

    9. You're concentrated on your sleep, occupied yourselves with the faults of the people and have forsaken your own shortcomings.

    10. You have buried your deceased but do not take lesson from it.

    Taken from - Jaami' Bayaan Al 'Ilm Wa Fadlih 2/12


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