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    Exclamation Advice regarding smartphones and the Internet - Sh `Abdullaah adh-Dhafeeree


    We hope for some advice from you about utilising the Internet, and that which is related to it, on these smartphones...

    Sh `Abdullaah Ibn Salfeeq adh-Dhafeeree:

    By Allaah, O brothers, since these smartphones appeared the zeal of the people has weakened and they have become far from seeking knowledge. They've become busy with this (over-usage of smartphones). It has become the concern of the people, from their morning until their evening, looking into these phones and depending upon them for knowledge!

    The origin with knowledge, after sitting with the scholars, is reading and researching (i.e books). So it's not befitting for the Muslim to look too much into these phones, especially the Internet, for within it are evil things to see, of which could place (bad) desires in one's heart, or make one attached to something forbidden; resulting in him weakening his religion and weakening his heart.

    Translated by Yusuf McNulty

    Arabic transcript and audio:

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    Above information correct as of 3rd Sha'baan 1435 AH, corresponding to 1st June 2014 CE

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