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    Shaikh Abdullaah an Najmi (hafidhah ullaah's) short Biography of Shaikh Zayd al Madkhalee (rahimah ullaah)

    Yesterday, evening in place of his usual lesson Shaykh Abdullaah al Najmi (hafidah ullaah) (of Jizan Saudi Arabia) gave a short biography of Shaykh Zayd ibn Muhammed al Madkhalee (rahimah ullaah).

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Transcript of Live Lecture.

    Shaykh Abdullaah an Najmi (hafidah ullaah): A Short Biography on Shaykh Zayd ibn Muhammed al Madkhalee (rahimah ullaah) on 12 Jamad al Awwal 1435/ 14 March 2014

    Shaykh Abdullaah an Najmi (hafidah ullaah) began by praising Allaah (subhanna wa ta ala) and sending salutations upon the Messenger (SalAllaahu alayhi wa salam), his household and upon all the Companions and those who follow them in goodness.

    Shaykh Abdullaah said this is a great opportunity to speak to you about the seerah/mukhtasar (biography) in brief of Shaykh, our father, al alamah, al faqeeh, Zayd ibn Muhammed al Madkhalee (rahimah ullaah). Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) was born in the year 1356 Hijri (1938). The Shaykh Zayd started seeking knowledge from when he was young. He was known to be serious in seeking knowledge and he was known to have a lot of love for knowledge(rahimah ullaah). He was known to travel to the ulemah (scholars) to seek knowledge. He went to a place called ar-Raqoobah to take knowledge from some mashaayakh, for example, Shaykh Hadee bin Hadee al Madkhalee. He also travelled to another place to seek knowledge from Mashayaakh of that specific place and one of the scholars was al Haafidh al Hakami (rahimah ullaah). Then Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) went back to Saamitah to a Mahad in Saamitah and he met some scholars, likes of Shaykh al alamah Ahmed Yahyah an Najmi (rahimah ullaah), and Shaykh Muhammed bin Ahmed al Hakami and other then them from the people of knowledge. So he took knowledge from them, he graduated from the mahad and moved to the Faculty of Sharia in Riyadh and started for two years in that faculty in Riyadh. When he was studying, in the Faculty of Sharia those responsible requested from the Shaykh to be a teacher in Mahad al Ilmi in Saamitah, even though the Shaykh was still studying. Those in charge gave him the post due to the ilm he possessed to teach in Mahad al Ilmi . Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) was from the classmates of the (current) Mufti Abdul Aziz al ash Shaykh (hafidah ullaah). Then he graduated from the Jamiyyah, the Faculty of Sharia in Riyadh. Then, he carried on teaching in Mahad al Ilmi. That which I remember from the statement of Shaykh Ahmed an Najmi (rahimah ullaah), and he was from the teachers of Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah)in Mahad al Ilmi. They had holidays. When they came back from holiday, Shaykh Ahmed an Najmi (rahimah ullaah) asked the student what they did during the holidays. So Shaykh Zayd said, “I memorized the whole of suratul al Baqarah, and I memorized two surahs and al-Imran.” Shaykh Ahmed (rahimah ullaah) started praising him, telling the other students to be like Shaykh Zayd. Then Shaykh Abdullaah an Najmi said that Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) was known to be a person to strive and be serious in seeking knowledge from when he was young.

    Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) had taught many sciences of Islaam, but he was specialised in aqueedah and knowing the groups (firaq). Likewise, he was known for tafseer and he also taught Nahu (Arabic grammar), 'alfiyyah' of Ibn Malik in the Mahad of Ilmi in Saamitah. So Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) was a scholar who had a lot of knowledge and he gathered the different sciences of ilm.

    The Shaykh use to advise and warn the people from being lazy in seeking knowledge. He used to advise the people to continue and carrying on seeking knowledge and to teach the people and to call people to Allaah.

    That which I remember from the statements of Shaykh al alamah Zayd (rahimah ullaah), he use to say, “Make sure you teach the people suratul Fatiha, make sure you teach the people suratul Fatiha in the lessons, in the conferences, because the people are in need of suratul Fatiha, the people are in need of suratul Fatiha.” This is because Suratul Fatiha is a pillar of the prayer. The person recites it all the time in all the prayers the fard (obligatory) and the voluntary prayers.

    Shaykh Zayd and Shaykh Ahmed (rahimahum ullaah) opened up a Maktabah Salafiyyah in Jizan. They established conferences; the conference of Shaykh al Qar ‘awee (rahimahum ullaah) which contains a lot of goodness. They had courses for the elders and the young ones, and courses for the women. It was from the blessing of Allaah then the striving of Shaykh Ahmed and Shaykh Zayd (rahimahum ullaah). They were known to call the people to dawah Salafiyyah in the Islaamic world. The Shaykh (rahimah ullaah) he stood firm against the people of desires. He wrote a risaala warning against irhaab (terrorism). He wrote many papers refuting the people of innovation and misguidance, warning against the Khawaarij, and the hizbiyeen and other than them. He wrote ‘Al Ajwibah wa al Asilah al Manhajiyyah’ - ‘Answers Concerning Manhaj Questions’. He was known to warn against the people of desires, the misguided groups and their leaders. The Shaykh had (written) many books and explanations (unclear speech), in aqueedah, and many explanations in al fiqh. He was the one who took care of the knowledge of Haafidh al Hakamee. He explained many books and works of Haafidh al Hakamee. Likewise, he has many audios and he was known to seek ilm (knowledge) and to utilize his time seeking knowledge, teaching the people and remembering Allaah. Shaykh Abdullaah said he never saw Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) except he had a book (with him), he was reading, he was writing, he was teaching or he was remembering Allaah. Shaykh Abdullaah said that is what the shaykh’s son has narrated to me; when he use to go to the hospital with my father , he said his father smelt fresh from the remembrance of Allaah (subhanna wa ta ala). The Shaykh (rahimah ullaah) was always remembering Allaah, doing dhikhr, reciting Qur’aan.

    The day on which the Shaykh (rahimah ullaah) passed away, he was fasting. Shaykh Abdullaah was with Shaykh Zayd at maghrib time and the Shaykh was fasting. The Shaykh went to the hospital , people took the Shaykh (rahimah ullaah) to the hospital after salatul Ishaa. Shaykh Abdullaah an Najmi said, I still remember the advice of Shaykh Zayd about seeking knowledge and to strive in seeking knowledge, “Seek knowledge until death comes to you.” Likewise, we have a similar statement from Imaam Ibn Mubarak and Imaam ibn Ahmed al Hanbal(rahimahum ullaah), when he was asked “Until when will you carry the tablet and pen.” He said, “Until I pass away.”

    Then Shaykh Abdullaah an Najmi said, I will repeat the statement that Shaykh Rabee (ibn Hadee al Madkhalee(hafidah ullaah)), that, “Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) was a mountain in the Sunnah”, and he was known to defend the Sunnah and the ulemah were known to respect him due to his knowledge, the well grounded ulemah. He use to teach three lessons in a day and in every lesson they use to go through four books. He was from the scholars who would advise. He was from among the advisors to this ummah. Those who act upon their knowledge.

    It was known that Shaykh Ahmed an Najmi use to respect Shaykh Zayd (rahimahum ullaah). Sometimes Shaykh Ahmed an Najmi would write a fatwa and send it to Shaykh Zayd to seek his opinion regarding this fatwa. They had a love for each other and they use to always go on hajj together. So Shaykh Ahmed an Najmi said once Shaykh Zayd called me (rahimahum ullaah) and asked Shaykh Ahmed if he was going to go on hajj that year. So Shaykh Ahmed said, “I cannot go this year.” So Shaykh Zayd (rahimah ullaah) also said, “I cannot go this year.”

    The translator asked, did the Shaykh give any advice before he passed away.
    Shaykh Abdullaah said he was not there but the brothers went to see him and he (Shaykh Zayd) asked them to excuse him as he wanted to pray salatul Witr, so they left. After they came back, they were told the Shaykh had passed away (rahimah ullaah).
    The Shaykh Abdullaah an Najmi concluded and made duaa to Allaah to have Mercy upon our father al Alamah, faqeeh al usool Shaykh Zayd ibn Muhammed al Madkhalee (rahimah ullaah) and to grant him Jannatul Firdous ameen.

    Transcribed by: Umm AbdurRahmaan Saleha bint Ahmed ibn Sulaimaan Motala on 12 Jamad al Awwal 1435/ 14 March 2014
    Note: Few corrections to the translation in grammar and style of English. The meaning has been retained.

    ام عبد الرحمن صالحة بنت احمد

    Umm AbdurRahmaan Saleha bint Ahmed


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