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    1-Day Slough Conference (Dawrah Ilmiyyah 1435) 19/01/2014

    The Belief Of Ahlus-Sunnah In Regards To The Beautiful Names & Lofty Attributes Of Allah

    Start: After Salaatul-Dhuhr 12:45pm Insha’Allah
    All proceeds from the day will be donated to the
    Al-Athariyyah Masjid Appeal, East London

    1pm Abdulilah Lahmami
    The Distorted Beliefs Of The Sheea'h, Sufees & Qadiyanees In Regards To Allaah's Names & Attribute

    2:45pm Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid
    Introduction to Lum'atul-I'tiqaad Regarding the Names and Attributes of Allah, by Ibn Uthaimeen

    4:45pm AbuUmar Farooq
    They Never Made A Just Estimate Of Allaah As Is Due To Him." Surah Zumar:67

    5:55pm Abu Idrees Muhammad
    Explanation & Virtues of The Greatest Verse Of The Quraan The Aayatul-Kursee

    7pm Uways Taweel
    The Hadeeth: "Allaah has 99 Names." Saheeh Muslim

    8.15pm Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis
    The Greatness of Allaah

    Live on Paltalk (Room: MarkazMuaadh) and

    All welcome:
    Men, Women and Children!
    Food, drinks, refreshments, attar, honey, audio & literature will be available to purchase
    Markaz Mu'aadh B. Jabal | 19 Spackmans Way Slough | SL1 2SA | T: 01753 533376, Twitter @markazmuaadh


    Markaz Mu'aadh Bin Jabal Islamic Centre
    19 Spackmans Way
    Slough SL12SA


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