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    Reading, Berks, Class This Friday - Abu Hakeem: Stories of The Prophets

    Stories of the Prophets
    Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis

    Friday 03/01/14 at 8:00pm
    29 Lydford Road
    RG1 5QH
    Abu Maryam Taariq ibn 'Ali

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    the story of prophet Ibraheem alaihi salam' Fri 31st Jan 8.30pm GMT by @AbuHakeemBilal at the Salafi Masjid, 29 lydford Rd, Reaading Berks.

    Insha'Allah the talk will be available online via
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    The story of prophet Ibraheem alaihi salam' part3 Fri 14th Feb 8.30 at the Salafi Masjid Reading. 29 lydford Rd.
    Attachments Pending Approval

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    Stories of the Prophets (Ibraheem) Continues Friday 4th April, 8pm @SalafiReading, by @AbuHakeemBilal.

    LIVE on Insha'Allah


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