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    Salafi Conference: Shaikh al-Anjaree & Shaikh Ahmad: August 16-18 2013

    Conference in Birmingham August 16-18th 2013 with:

    Shaikh Muhammad al-Anjaree (live in person)
    Shaikh Ahmad Suba'yee (live in person)
    Allaamah Rabee' ibn Haadee (telelink)
    Allaamah Ubaid al-Jaabiree (telelink)
    Shaikh Abul-Abbaas Aadil Mansoor (telelink)
    Shaikh Khaalid Abdur-Rahmaan (telelink)

    Begins at Jumu'ah on Friday through till Sunday 3pm - Knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge!

    An amazing opportunity. See our flyer below for more details.

    Spread the word, invite others, invite your parents, bring your families, neighbours and friends along!
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    • Friday Times:
    • 1.30pm: Shaikh Ahmad Subay'ee: "Jumua'h Khutbah"
    • TBC: Allaamah Ubaid al-Jaabiree: "Telelink"
    • 6pm: Shaikh Ahmad Subay'ee: "Chapters from Kitaab at-Tawheed"
    • 7.30pm: Shaikh Ahmad Subay'ee: "Explanation of Shaikh Al-Albaanee's 'Prophet's Prayer Described'"
    • 9pm till 11pm: Shaikh Muhammad al-'Anjaree: "The Lives of the Rightly Guided Caliphs"

      Saturday Times:
    • 12pm to 1.30pm: Shaikh Zaid ad-Dawsaree: "The True Reality of the Jama'aat at-Tableegh"
    • 2pm: Shaikh Ahmad Subay'ee: "Explanation of Kitaab at-Tawheed"
    • TBC: Allaamah Rabee al-Madkhalee: "Telelink"
    • 4pm: Shaikh Ahmad Subay'ee: ""Explanation of Shaikh Al-Albaanee's 'Prophet's Prayer Described'""
    • 8pm till 9.30pm: Shaikh Muhammad al-Anjaree: "The Lives of the Rightly Guided Caliphs"
    • 9.45pm till 11pm: Shaikh Muhammad al-Anjaree: "Explanation of Imaam Ahmad's Usoolus-Sunnah"

      Sunday Times:
    • 11am to 12pm: Shaikh Ahmad Subay'ee & Shaikh Muhammad al Anjari: "Advice to the Sunni to Remain Steadfast Upon Clarity"
    • 12pm to 1.30pm: Shaikh Ahmad Subay'ee & Shaikh Muhammad al-Anjaree: "Advice to the Salafis of the UK and the West."
    • TBC: Shaikh Khaalid Abdur-Rahmaan: "Telelink"
    • TBC: Shaikh Abul-Abbaas Aadil Mansoor: "Telelink"


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    Creative Kids' Sessions

    Bismillaahi Arrahmaani Arraheemi

    Please scroll down for the CKC schedule @ this weekend's Conference with the Shuyookh (Sat and Sun only).

    Venue: Salafi Independent school.
    £5 for each 90 minute session
    Boys up to the age of 7yrs

    Saturday 17th August

    2-3:30 Personalised Pouches/Satchels - Sewing skills
    4-5:30 Strawberry and Mascarpone Slices - Cooking skills

    Sunday 18th August

    12-1:30 Embroidery Photo Frames - Sewing and Arts & Craft skills
    2- 3:30 Summer Smoothies - Cooking skills

    For Bookings please ring/text: 07800541156 (females) and 07821227275 (males)

    Please Note when the Scholars are Delivering their lessons, Texts will Only be accepted for bookings

    All proceeds go to the Salafi Independent School
    Salafi Independent School takes no responsibility or liability for the activities

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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    الحمد لله Alhumduillaah.

    We thank you in order to be thankful to Allaah.

    JazakAllaahu khairun to all those involved for such a beneficial weekend full of benefits and reminders that reached so many around the world.

    SubhanAllaah, unity upon salafiyyah could be felt miles away whilst listening to Shaykh Subay'ee, Shaykh Al Anjaree and Shaykh Zayd al-Dawsaree (May Allaah preserve them).

    We cannot thank you enough for helping to remove the ignorance from ourselves with the light of knowledge of Salafiyyah based on Qur’aan and Sunnah upon the way of the salaf us saleheen.

    Links below to the excellent notes taken by Abu Iyaad….JazakAllaahu khair.


    Just to note, an advise that Shaikh Ahmed Subay’ee (hafidah ullaah) gave in his final talk. To take knowledge from the scholars but in the absence of scholars in the west that people should not disparage the trustworthy students of knowledge because there are no scholars. He advised to take knowledge from these trustworthy students of knowledge because that is ‘what you have in your countries’ and these students of knowledge should return to the scholars for rulings.

    May Allaah protect and preserve the scholars of ahl as sunnah wa jamaah and trustworthy students of knowledge and those that aid them upon the correct path, for the immense service and responsibility they have taken upon their shoulders to teach and rectify the understanding and methodology of this ummah ameen.

    BarakAllaahu feekum.
    ام عبد الرحمن صالحة بنت احمد

    Umm AbdurRahmaan Saleha bint Ahmed

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    Audio available on SalafiAudio now: SalafiAudio.Com
    Abu Maryam Taariq ibn 'Ali


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