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    Exclamation Shaykh Fawzaan clearly states that Iqaamatul-Hujjah must be made in cases of Takfeer Mu`ayyan

    Question: What is the difference between describing (an action) with Kufr and declaring and believing a specific person (from the Muslims) to be a Kaafir?

    Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan: As for ruling actions to be Kufr such as supplicating to other than Allaah, sacrificing to other than Allaah, seeking Istighaathah (deliverence from difficulty) from other than Allaah, mocking or cursing the Deen, then all of this is considered Kufr by concensus, without any doubt. However the individual (Muslim) whom these actions occur from, then his affair must be looked in to; so if he is a Jaahil, or he has a false interpretation, or he is a blind follower (to a devient shaykh), then the ruling of Kufr is witheld from him up until the truth is clarified to him. Because he could have a Shubhah (doubt), or some Jahl (ignorance). You do not rush to rule him with Kufr, up until you establish the proof against him (Iqaamatul-Hujjah). So if the proof is established against him, and after that he still continues upon the Kufr, then he is ruled with Kufr (Takfeer), because now he does not have an excuse.

    -Translated by Abul-Husayn Yusuf McNulty

    Source: Sharh Risaalatid-Dalaa'il fee Hukmi Muwaalaati Ahlil-Ishraak of Shaykh Sulaymaan bin 'Abdillaah ibnush-Shaykh Muhammad bin 'Abdil-Wahhaab, page 212.


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