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    Cardiff Conference 2013

    "Say I believe in Allaah and then be steadfast"


    Uwais At-taweel
    Taqweem Aslam
    Abdulilah Lahmaami
    Abu Hakeem
    Tele-links with Shaikh Mohammed Bazmool

    Date: Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 Of June 2013


    All Welcome

    For more info please call:

    Mahad Raabi: 07832266538

    Ali Mohamed: 07936435159

    Narrations regarding the merits of knowledge

    (a). Imam Bukhari, the author of Shaih Al-Bukhari, the foremost source of Islam, says, “Knowledge has priority over preaching and action.”

    (b). The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “All of Allah’s creatures implore Allah for forgiveness on behalf of a seeker of knowledge – including fish in the water.”

    (c). Abu Khaithama narrated to us, saying sufyaan bin 'Uyainah narrated to us from 'Aasim bin Abee An-Nujood from Zurr bin Hubaish that he said:
    "I came to Safwaan bin 'Assaal Al-Muraadee, so he said: what brought you here?" I replied: The search for knowledge.' He said: "VERILY, THE ANGELS SPREAD THEIR WINGS FOR THE SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE, OUT OF CONTENTMENT FOR WHAT HE SEEKS" (Book of knowledge)
    Ali Mohamed Abdullahi

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    Cardiff Conference 22/23 June 2013

    Tele-link with Shaikh Mohammad Bazmool (Makkah,

    More scholars to be confirmed soon Insha'Allaah
    Ali Mohamed Abdullahi

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    Cardiff Conference Timetable - 21st - 23rd June


    8PM - Hassan As-Somali (Telelink - Jealousy, Envy and its consequences)


    2:15PM - Hussein Faraid in Somali Language: Ramadaan

    4:15 PM - Abu Abdirahman Owais: Hold firm to the rope of Allaah

    6:45PM - Shaikh Muhammad Bazmool Say I believe in Allaah & then be Steadfast (Telelink)

    8PM - Taqweem Aslam: Life of this world, life of the grave and the resurrection


    2:15PM - Abdulilah Lahmaami: A Party in Paradise and a Party in the Hellfire

    4PM - Umar Quinn: Telelink

    7PM - Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Rabee (Telelink)

    8:30PM - Abu Hakeem: Be united upon Salafiyyah
    Abu Maryam Taariq ibn 'Ali


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