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    Post LIVE Weekly English Lessons on Miraath Publications

    assalamu alaikaum wa rahmatu Allah

    Miraath Publications will start new live lessons in english inshaAllah by some student of knowledge starting on Friday 10May as the schedule in the link :

    How To Listen To Miraath's Radios ?

    (Operating 24hours a day)

    To listen on a computer:

    1- Main Radio ( Live & Rec. arabic Lessons ) :

    2- The Noble Qur'an Radio :

    3- Miraath English radio ( Live & Rec. Lessons ) :

    You can use any of the following to listen to us:

    To listen via a smart phone or tablet

    1) Miraath radios application for iphones:

    2) Miraath radios application for Android:

    3 ) by using the application " Tunein " and searching for Miraath all three radios stations will appear

    wa jazakum Allahu khairan

    Abu Zeiad Khalid Bagais


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