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    Troid Benefit: Taking Knowledge from the Elder Scholars by Abu Uways 'Abdullaah Ahmad 'Alee (rahimahullaah).

    This is a tremendous benefit, taken from the lecture entitled 'The Importance of Sticking to the Scholars', from our beloved brother Abu Uways 'Abdullaah Ahmad 'Alee (rahimahullaah). In this lecture he (rahimahullaah) describes some of the characteristics of the true scholars. One of the main characteristics that our noble brother (rahimahullaah) mentions is the characteristic of old age. He mentions that in most cases being elderly is a key trait that the scholars have, except in certain rare cases. Our beloved brother (rahimahullaah) goes on to mention the reasons why one should not take knowledge from those young in age and the many deficiencies they may have. Listen, so that you may benefit from this clarification that precedence is to be given to those scholars who are elder in age whose knowledge is agreed upon by the scholars in his time.


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