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    It is not enough to seek knowledge from someone that he is merely Salafee!

    Shaykh Ahmad bin 'Umar Baazmool mentioned in his explanation of Imaam as-Sa'dee's book of Fiqh 'Manhajus-Saalikeen' (Lesson 1, Min:5.21 - 7.33):

    It is not sufficient to take knowledge from a person merely because someone has said about him, "Wallaahi Shaykh So and So said he is Salafee!"

    There are Thanaa' 'Aam (general words of praise), such as: Rajulun Saalih (righteous individual), Fulaan Akhoonaa (so and so is our brother), Fulaan minas-Salafiyyeen (so and so is from the Salafees).

    Does this type of Tazkiyah (praise) indicate that he is fit to teach and that knowledge can be taken from him?

    The answer: No! No! It is a must that it has been clearly mentioned that he is from those whom knowledge can be taken.

    And from here there arise a lot of problems in some areas where there are Salafee Shabaab (youth). They gather around an individual, it could be that this individual is a Muta'aalim (pretender), or he could be Jaahil (ignorant), or he could even have a corrupt Manhaj, none of the 'Ulamaa know him, all they have said is, "So and so is okay, we see him to be with the Salafees." So the youth gather around him and they begin to take knowledge from him, but upon what basis? Upon these (general) words (of praise)! This is a mistake!

    It's a must that (the 'Ulamaa) have clearly mentioned that he is Salafee, that he is someone from whom knowledge can be taken, that he can be benefited from and that he is suitable to teach the people. This is a must.

    Imaam ash-Shaafi'ee said, or other than him from Ahlul-'Ilm however I think it was ash-Shaafi'ee:

    ((I didn't begin to give fatwaa/teach, up until over seventy of the 'Ulamaa had bore witness that I had knowledge, and I was able to give fatwaa and teach.))

    Seventy!! Now as soon as just one shaykh praises someone (this individual) narrates it on the Internet, he spreads it amongst the shabaab, he writes it in the introduction to his book (!) and when he's with the shabaab he says "Shaykh so and so has said such and such about me!"....

    - Translated by Abul-Husayn Yusuf McNulty


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