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    Exclamation Scholars' Refutations - recent and past - of Yahya al-Hajoori and those who follow him

    Bismillaah Al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu 'ala rasulullaah

    Scholars' Refutations - recent and past - of Yahya al-Hajoori and those who follow him

    Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee (hafidhahullaah) recently said about Yahya al-Hajoori:

    "I have advised him many times, sometimes I advise him for two and half hours. He doesn't listen! He promises, but he doesn't fulfill his promises. May Allaah bless you, and his students are extremists [ghulaat], with an extremism that has no equal. [They call Yahya] 'Imam al-Thaqalayn, Imam al-Thaqalayn (the Imam of both Mankind and Jinn)' and 'an-Naasihul-Ameen (the Trustworthy Advisor)'...extremism and extremism and extremism. The Da'wah of Shaykh bin Baaz and Shaykh al-Albaanee wasn't like this..."

    Shaykh Rabee' also said: "By Allaah he believes that the attack from the Raafidha is a blessing, but wallahi this is a punishment from Allaah due to his slander of Ahlul Sunnah for the past seven years, the splitting he caused all over the world in his cultivation of ghuloo in all of these countries that I've previously mentioned. By Allaah, this is a punishment while he believes it is to be a blessing. He believes this, but it is a punishment from Allaah, due to his actions and the actions of his students. By Allaah, we have not seen this type of extremism from the people of innovation that we see from his students."

    While covering his eyes, Shaykh Rabee' said, "All you have is blind-following; whenever he wishes, you people raise him to the sky, 'Ubayd is on the floor and he is in the sky..."

    Shaykh Rabee' also said: "Go back [to Damaaj] and tell him to fear Allaah. Tell him that he is only a student and not an 'Alim. He is not a sincere advisor; he is not an Imam of anything. Tell him that he is just a student; tell him to fear Allaah and to join his brothers hand in hand - his brothers of Ahlul Sunnah. Tell him to leave this extremism and evil behaviour. They heaviest thing on the scales on the Day of Judgement is good manners, so tell him to teach his students good manners and to have good manners himself. He will not get anywhere without it."

    Shaykh Rabee' also said: "Do not applaud him and whistle for him. And take a position as men with regards to him. They are the most harmful of people to the Salafee da'wah. There is not a single person more harmful than Yahyaa."
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    From one or both of these links here and here, the following scholarly refutations of al-Hajoori can be found:

    Shaykh Rabee' (hafidhahullaah) said: "Yahya Al-Hajoori is an insolent man and a Haddaadi."

    Shaikh Saalih ibn Fawzaan al-Fawzaan (hafidhahullaah) said: "This is somebody who spreads doubts. He makes the people doubt in the affairs of their belief. It is not permissible to study with him or to take any knowledge from him because he is from the people of misguidance who make others doubt. He reveals his false belief, then, when he sees the people criticizing him, he manifests his repentance deceitfully. So it is not permissible to condone this person or to study with him and he should be warned against."

    Shaikh Fawzaan also said: "This is awful, evil speech. It is not permissible to listen to such claims, nor remain quiet about it. This person disrespected the Messenger. Allaah said: He does not speak of his own desires, verily it is nothing but revelation revealed to him. This man claims that the Prophet makes mistakes in matters of religion whereas religious matters are divine revelation. The Prophet used to consort his companions in the matters of worldly affairs, didn't he? This is in matters of worldly affairs as opposed to the matters of the religion they are tawqeefee (i.e. his own views don't enter into it), it is only revelation from Allaah: He does not speak of his own desires, verily it is nothing but revelation revealed to him."

    Here is an exchange between a questioner and Shaikh Fawzaan:
    Questioner: A man claims that the Prophet made a mistake in the da'wah to Allaah in the event of Soorah Abasa wa Tawallaa.
    The Shaikh: He disbelieves, he apostates from Islaam.[54]
    Questioner: Sorry?
    The Shaikh: He apostates from Islaam.[55]

    [54] This doesn't mean that Shaikh Yahya is a disbeliever or that Shaikh Saaleh Al-Fawzaan made takfeer of Shaikh Yahya. [55] To listen to the audio file, please click here.

    Shaykh 'Ubayd ibn 'Abdullaah Al-Jaabiree (hafidhahullaah) said: "As for the brother Yahya, he is vulgar and sharp-tongued. He doesn't consider the sanctity of anyone. If you were to be friends with him for ten years he could easily destroy this friendship in a split second. He does not build his affairs upon kindness. Even if he may have knowledge, he does not have forbearance or wisdom..."

    Shaykh 'Ubayd said: "...It is clear that Shaikh Yahya and many others are unaware of the definition of hizbiya*. If you have a store next to the masjid for sustaining it, they would say this is hizbiya!!! What I mean, baarakallahu fika, is that the true meaning of Hizbiya is not clear to them..."

    Shaykh 'Ubayd said: "He does not speak in the same manner as the 'Uleema; he speaks like the shameless and the vulgar."

    Shaykh 'Ubayd also said: "He has indecent vocabulary; he utters obscene words and he has some astonishing errors in the (Islamic) belief. Amongst those errors, is his claim that the companions were the first who were affected with the ambiguity of Irja'. This is an insult towards the companions of the Prophet (salallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam). Had he (i.e. Shaikh Yahya) been from people of knowledge, he wouldn't have pronounced such a statement."

    Shaikh Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahhab Al-Wasaabi (hafidhahullaah) said: "Truly, he (i.e. Shaikh Yahya) has lied, and his lies have reached the horizons (i.e. his lies have been widely spread and circulated)."

    Shaikh 'Abdullah Al-Bukhaari (hafidhahullaah) said: "I swear by Allaah that the words of Yahya Al-Hajoori on Shaikh 'Ubayd and on the other scholars of Ahl Al-Sunnah belong to the most slanderous and perverted lies that exist, and it is only a deviant who can agree to such kinds of statements."

    Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Haadi al-Madkhalee (hafidhahullaah) said: "He is shameless. Why would you go to Dammaaj? To learn shamelessness from him!!!! He's like Faalih or worse."

    Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Haadi said: "He has gone beyond bounds, and no one is safe from him."

    Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Haadi also said: "The 'Ulemma of the Sunnah - the heads of the Da'watus Salafiyyah - are cursed in his gatheringin recited lines of poetry, then he praises these individuals who curse?!"

    Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Haadi also said: "As for the Ghuloo (extremism and exaggerations) that occurs concerning him, then there is much to narrate concerning that (such that will amaze you, like him being described as:) "Imaam uth-Thaqalain" (the Imaam of mankind and the Jinn!) or 'If one were to touch and wipe his sandles (in exoneration of him) until such and such a time he would still not have been given his due right!' and other examples of speech that one's ears will detest hearing! (such as) "If he were to be melted then his flesh would become Sunnah!" Or "(His flesh would become) verses from the eternal book!" And other than this!

    ...Recently Shaikh Rabee' has likewise been cursed by way of poetry, and he (Shaikh Yahyaa) says to the one that curses him (after he recites this poem) 'Baarakallahu Feeka!' These are (just) examples. So what is said about the like of this? If this is not foolishness then I do not know foolishness!"

    Shaikh 'Abdur-Rahman Al-Adani (hafidhahullaah) said: "It is well known from the character of Al-Hajoori that he is very shameless in negating and dismissing what he has said (i.e. in the past), and he has even done this while being witnessed by noble students of knowledge or honourable Mashaayikh as long as there is no recording or written proof of it."

    Shaikh Ahmad ibn Yahya an-Najmee (rahimahullah) said: "...He has lied, he has lied, he has lied."

    Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Rabee' (hafidhahullaah) said: "There are only two types of people who claim something like this. Either a deviant Ikhwaani or an even more deviant Haddaadi."

    * Note: Due to Yahya al-Hajoori and his students mis-using the words "hizbeeyah" and "hizbee" and labeling it upon those who are free from it, it might be appropriate to restate the definition, which many have learned from the Sharh of Sharh-us-Sunnah and other beneficial books:

    Hizbeeyah is: loyalty or allegiance to an individual or group (who is, or that is) in opposition to the Qur`an and Sunnah, and having al-walaa` wal-baraa` for them.

    So if an individual is in opposition to the Qur`an and Sunnah, yet someone remains loyal to that individual, and loves and hates based on whatever that individual has said, then this would be hizbeeyah.

    Sources: Shaikh Yahyah al-Hajooree: His Ghuloo and Going Beyond Bounds---->

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    Shaykh Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahhab al-Wasabee (hafidhahullaah) said:

    "So the doing of al-Hajoori - and whomever from amongst his students who have fanaticism towards him - does not represent Islaam. Nor does it represent the Sunnah. Nor does it represent the Salafee methodology. And whosoever says they represent Islaam, then he has accused Islaam. He has accused [Islaam] of extreme harshness, cruelty, violence, and that [Islaam] causes one to curse the people, to damn the people, to abandon the people, to boycott the people. And he has accused Islaam with every calamity.

    And whomever says that the doing of [al-Hajoori] represents the Salafee methodology, then he has accused and oppressed the Salafee methodology. And whomever says that the doing of [al-Hajoori] represents the Sunnah, then he has accused and oppressed the Sunnah.

    And this [the doing of al-Hajoori] - by Allaah - does not represent anything but only himself. And also what you have just heard. Islaam is innocent and the Salafee methodology is innocent of this vicious transcation. Likewise, the Sunnah is innocent. Al-Hamdulillaah, the Qur`an and Sunnah are available."

    Shaykh Muhammad al-Wasabee (hafidhahullaah) said:

    "So what do the Hajooriyyah do? [The Hajooriyyah] only represent themselves. They do not represent Islaam, nor Qur`an, nor Sunnah, nor the Salafee Methodology. Nor the call of the Scholars.

    The heart of Shaykh Muqbil - may Allaah have mercy upon him - used to open upon the differing that arose from his students. [On occasion,] the Shaykh used to see one thing, and his students used to see another thing. However, the shaykh used to set forth to the student. He never said, 'No, I hold this opinion to be weak, and you see it as good. That's it, you are expelled, you, you...'

    No! He used to set forth to him and encourage him. And he loved who differed with him - if it was under discretionary matters.

    So he [Shaykh Muqbil] - may Allaah have mercy upon him - used to be a kind and merciful father to all his students from the ilk of Yemen and from other than the ilk of Yemen. And he passed away, by the permission of Allaah. His students supplicate on his behalf, and they ask Allaah to have mercy on him.

    They did not find anything from him [Shaykh Muqbil] except benevolence and kindness."

    In another recording, Shaykh Muhammad al-Wasabee said:

    "He [al-Hajoori] is mubtad', an innovator. He has innovated into the Deen of Allaah which is not found [in the Deen]. He has legislated legislatures for which Allaah sent down no authority...

    "...Likewise from the bid'ah he has perpetrated, requiring others to make Taqleed (blind-following) of him. The one who doesn't speak upon a matter with this speech, he is to be abandoned. He is expelled and he is [considered] 'sick.'

    Fear Allaah! It is not permissible to require the people to make Taqleed of you. You are not a Prophet, nor are you an infallible angel, nor do revelations come down on you. You are a human being. Requiring the people to make Taqleed of you, and asking them 'what is your position?' And 'oh you, what is your position?' Meaning, if you don't speak with his speech, then you are expelled, abandoned and are considered sick.

    This is [injustly] requiring the people to make taqleed [of you].

    Upon you [ya Hajoori] is the position of Shaykh Muqbil - may Allaah have mercy upon him - as he used to warn against making Taqleed. From making Taqleed of you. And you require the people to make taqleed of you.

    So in order to necessitate the Shaykhs - if they cease to speak with your speech. This is bid'ah in the Deen. Requiring the people to make Taqleed. Also [requiring] the people to abandon others due to discretionary matters. These are just two heresies from many of his heresies."

    Note: The links for these two Shaykh al-Wasabi refutations of al-Hajoori are withheld until such a time this audio can In-sha`Allaah be displayed without the display of what is around it.
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    Also, Shaykh Rabee' said that the Administrator of the "Al-Oloom" website (which relays Hajoori's deviance) is a Haddaadi, a liar and an intruder!

    Shaykh Rabee' (hafidhahullaah) said: "It has appeared (to us) that Khaled El Kharbani is a Haddaadi, an Ikhwaani and an intruder. He is a big liar..."

    So keep your eyes and ears far away from this "Al-Oloom" website, and other speech and materal from al-Hajoori and his followers.
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    A Summary of al-Hajoori's Astonishing Errors in 'Aqeedah, and our stance toward al-Hajoori:

    Our Position Towards Shaikh Yahyah al-Hajooree ---->
    Subhanak Allaahuma wa bihamdika ash-hadu anlaa illaaha illa anta astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk

    If I said anything correct, then it is from Allaah (subhanahu wa taa'ala), and if I erred, then that is from me and shaytan.

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    Post Shaykh Khaalid ibn Abdur Rahmaan al-Misree warns against al-Hajooree


    Ash-Shaykh Abu Muhammad Khaalid ibn Abdur Rahmaan (hafidhahullaah) from Egypt has warned against al-Hajooree (hadaahullaah) and has called him a Mubtadi' (Innovator), Daal (Astray), Munharif (Deviant). He narrated from Allaamah Rabee' (hafidhahullaah) that he said, "Yahya is a haddaadee khabeeth; worse than Mahmood al-Haddaad al-Misree."

    source: (accessed 14 Rajab 1434 corresponding to 23 May 2013)
    والله أعلم و صلى الله على نبينا محمد و على آله و صحبه أجمعين
    سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك أشهد أن لا إله إلا أنتأستغفرك وأتوب إليك

    كتبه الفقير إلى عفو ربه
    أبو عبد الله ساجد الهندي
    غفر الله له، ولوالديه، وأهل بيته

    If you find any mistake, plz. contact me or the admin or reply to this post. May Allaah bless you.


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