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    Hadeeth in Saheeh Muslim Establishes Thikr 11 Times Each?

    I was asked about what some people claim is established in Saheeh Muslim, that saying "subhaan Allaah," "al-hamdulillaah," and "Allaahu akbar," eleven times each after prayer is established from the actions of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhe wa sallam).

    The answer: This is based on a misreading of a narration in Saheeh Muslim (#595). Imam Muslim was identifying a misunderstanding added to the hadeeth by one of the narrators, Suhayl ibn Abee Saalih. He mistakenly understood that the hadeeth of saying these phrases 33 times meant in total, and so we should say each of the three eleven times each. The scholars (beginning with Imaam Muslim) have identified this as a personal mistake of Suhayl, and something not to be taken as part of the hadeeth itself.

    Al-Haafith Ibn Hajr concludes: “It is more apparent that the meaning is each of them get that (33 times) seperately.” (Fat-hul-Baaree, 2/328)

    Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Alee ibn Aadam al-Ityoobee said, “This (11x) was the misunderstanding of Suhayl when explaining the meaning of 33 times, he assumed that the 33 times should be divided over the three phrases. What is correct is that each of the three phrases are to be said 33 times each, Subhaan Allaah (33), al-Hamdulillaah (33), and Allaahu akbar (33), 99 all togther, not 33 all together.” (al-Bahr al-Muheet ath-Thajjaaj, 13/239)


    And Allaah knows best.
    Moosaa Richardson


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