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    Ckc @ salafi winter conference 2012

    Please see the attached flyer for Fun packed activities for Kids.

    CKC Itinerary

    Mon 24th Dec

    1-2:30 CDT: Houses around the world & making tepees

    3-4:30 Drop off session for pre schools (relaxed Carousal system)

    5-6:30 Cooking: Different shades of Colour & making Chocolate mousse

    7-8:30 Sewing: Learning Haberdashery skills & making personalized items

    Tues 25th Dec

    1-2:30 Art & Crafts: The role of our skeleton, looking at animal skeletons and making Modroc feet

    3-4:30 Cooking: Viscosity & making Whipped Cream Custard Trifle

    5-6:30 Sewing: Learning Haberdashery skills & making bags/cases

    7-8:30 Art & Crafts: The Blessing of sight & clay work


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