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    Special announcement: Masjid as-sunnah bradford, uk opening within weeks insha'allah!


    AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

    The Albaseerah masjid and school project began exactly 1 year ago today. Very few thought that within 1 year we would have an acquired building and a 85,539 debt remaining on a building purchased for 287,000. We first and foremost thank our Lord Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala for making this possible. Had He not willed, we would not have been in this position today. We then thank the global community of Muslims who strove hard and made massive sacrifices in the way of Allah, seeking the face of Allah, hoping for a reward that will continue long after they depart from this temporary residence. This earth is a place of deeds but no recompense, the Hereafter is a place of recompense but no deeds. How few truly recognise this and are blessed with this understanding. We ask Allah to accept all of our deeds.

    Following this, we would like to take this opportunity to officially announce that the new Masjid As-Sunnah will be opening imminently. A confirmed date will Insha'Allah be announced within the next 2 weeks Insha'Allah. After lengthy discussions and the arising of several exterior factors, we felt that the masjid should be opened without further delay. This surely is a joyous occasion for all of us and it pleases us to bring this important news to you. We have attempted to put as much of the infrastructure as possible in place and we ask Allah to grant this project success. We ask Allah to protect us from any further obstacles.

    We make a renewed plea to the global community to help pay off the loan of the masjid, especially as the masjid running costs will now begin. Our outstanding loan currently stands at 85,539. Brothers and sisters, out of all the Muslims in this world, all we require is 85 people to give 1000 each or approx. 43 people to give 2000 each and we have a fully cashed Masjid and School. We are confident this is possible and we urge you to give in the way of Allah. The affair of a Muslim giving charity is truly amazing. A deed which will continuously benefit him/her in this life and after his/her death. Now if anyone was to ever make a similitude of investing in a business with guaranteed returns for a mere 30 years, every individual would jump at the chance without hesitation. But the reward of charity in the way of Allah does not end in 30 years, it continues long after that day when the soil will cover our faces, the day we are prayed upon. We ask Allah to open our hearts and recognise everything for its true worth. We do not mention these things except that they remind us and you. For in reality, your donations will truly benefit no one but yourselves. We ask Allah to direct us to good before our deeds are cut off.

    To end, then we have also produced a flash file showing a comprehensive album of images. Please visit the following page and make your donation. Please remember you can donate via paypal, bank transfer, cheque, SMS or by calling us on 01274 395007 . You can now also setup a monthly standing order via paypal or through your bank. We will inform everyone with live updates of the figures. May Allah reward you and accept your deeds and make them heavy on yawmul Qiyaamah.


    Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

    UPDATE: Sunday 12th June 2011

    We recieved a 1300 donation from one brother and over 400 worth of donations from a number of people. We ask Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to accept your deeds and make it a means for you to Paradise. Jazakumullahu Khair. We now have a 83,877 loan remaining.

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    4944 donations for Bradford Masjid As-Sunnah in the last 3 days!

    AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

    In the last 3 days we have recieved 4944 worth of donations. We have had 3 people giving approx. 1000 each, one person giving 1500 and several others giving other donations. The remarkable response from our brothers and sisters and their generosity does not suprise us at all. We remind ourselves and ask the people to make dua that Allah accepts this noble deed from them, raise them in levels, make their ending good and forgive them their sins. We truly thank you for your support and your sacrifices. Jazakumullahu Khair.

    Our outstanding loan has now dropped to 78,933. That is approx. 7000 in the last 7 days.

    WassalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah

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    13,000 (thirteen thousand pounds) worth of donations have come in!

    AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

    We have just been informed that a brother has donated 10,000 UK Pounds and several other people have collectively given 3000. We remind ourselves and ask every person who reads this post to make dua to Allah to increase the provisions of these people, to grant them and their families success in this life and the Hereafter, to make this donation the weight of mountains for them on yawmul Qiyamaah. We ask Allah to accept it from them and whoever else has donated since this project began. To Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is our return and with Him lies all success.

    Our outstanding loan now stands at 65,306. This means we have received 20,233 pounds in the last 10 days.

    WassalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah


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