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    Exclamation Urgent Appeal to Support

    Keep online and active - Support the Da'wah Globally is in need of your kind support. The website which is known most for it's high-quality audio is a multi-faceted project spanning 14 years of research, development and dedication. The site recently underwent a complete overhaul, making it more organized, userfriendly, categorised by author. Since the Jan. relaunch, the site has been more active than any time in its history. All this benefit does not come without a cost (financially). We have our own dedicated server which hosts,,, and soon in shaa'Allaah. * We are seeking your humble support to share in the ajr of supplying hundreds of articles, PDFs, audio and more to hundreds of thousands of people from Toronto to Turkey to Tanzania. With every mouse-click or touchpad swipe - you will share in the reward in shaa' Allaah. This is a unique and far-reaching collection of projects and websites aimed at spreading the da'wah far and wide. In addition, recently we have moved to provide all our event audio free for download, seminars, classes, lectures all free. We also wish to provide our entire audio catalogue on free in the coming two years - this is a lost revenue stream but Allaah knows best, something more beneficial for the da'wah overall.

    Our Target: $3000 (one year's operational expense, server, backup, software) 30 x $100 only

    Some of the highlights:

    • (over 1000 articles/audio combined, growing all the time) (site designed for non-Muslims, articles, audio and interviews) (coming soon in shaa' Allaah - live stream from Toronto) Andrioid and IPhone web app. (currently under production) (Site for Muslims in Trinidad & Tobago) (Site for Muslims in the Gulf region)
      Sites accessed by almost every country in the world
      Tens of thousands of pages accessed daily
      No fees for audio/membership etc.
      Almost daily updates

    We hope that you can leave your individual mark on these collection of projects, sharing in the reward of each click, each listen, each child taught, each person saved from the darkness of misguidance and by Allaah's grace, guided to the light of Islam and the Sunnah, each non Muslim guiuded and new Muslim gained. No sum is too little in this regard, even $5, it may be the best investment you could make, investing in the next life, an endless life of joy, may Allaah allow us all to enjoy it.

    Please add your contribution today - go to

    Or Paypal to

    Cheque/Money order to:

    The Reign of Islamic Da'wah

    874- Weston Rd. Toronto, ON. Canada M6N 3R6

    Your support is urgently needed to maintain
    Phone: N. America +1.416.243.5320 | UK & Europe (+44) 0121 2709453
    Websites: | Email: info at
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    We thank all our brothers and sisters for their support and du'aa during some difficulties earlier in the year. Things are currently improved wal-Hamdulillaah. Jazaakumullaahu khayran!
    Phone: N. America +1.416.243.5320 | UK & Europe (+44) 0121 2709453
    Websites: | Email: info at
    Join our list:
    Follow us on Twitter: @troidca| Follow us on WiZiQ:


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