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    Al-I'jaaz al-Ilmee in the Prophetic Sunnah

    Shaykh Muhammad Bazmul (hafidhahullaah) has an excellent work entitled, "al-I'jaaz al-Ilmee Fil-Sunnah al-Nabawiyyah" which addresses an aspect of the Sunnah that comprises certain types of knowledge which indicate the truthfulness of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and the divine origin of the Sunnah. It is very beneficial and relevant in the face of those who wish to attack the Sunnah from the Mu'tazilah and the Modernists. One of its central issues is related to the issue of medicine in the Sunnah and whether those texts in which the Messenger (alayhis salaam) speaks of medicinal cures are wahy (revelation) or just the opinions and recommendations of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam). The book also presents a moderate and balanced position relating to foreknowledge in the revealed texts. In this thread, What follows below is a broad summarization of the essential points in the book inshaa'Allaah with some elaborations in certain areas..
    -== abu.iyaad =-


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