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    TROID Books @ Saudi (May 1st - 13th)

    as-salaamu 'alaikum,

    The message below is from the TROID website regarding a TROID Store rep. being in Makkah & Madeenah in early May inshaa'Allah - may Allaah reward the brothers.

    Inshaa'Allaah, it would be a very good opportunity for brothers in Saudi to obtain very important books for themselves, their families & friends. Perhaps, some brothers may be in desperate need of such books to help keep up their Eemaan - for example those by the western Salafi publishers, books which deal with important & fundamental issues of Tawheed, 'Aqeedah, Manhaj, Worship, etc - especially considering many of these types of books (in the English Language) may be otherwise rare and difficult to obtain in Saudi Arabia.

    Al-hamdulilaah, there will be a TROIDStore rep. in Saudi Arabia (May 1st-13th 2012) insha'Allaah

    If you live in or will be in Makkah or Madeenah during the aforementioned dates, you can make a pre-order from TROIDStore and avoid high international shipping/taxes (a great opportunity - limited weight available).

    Makkah availability: May 1-4
    Madeenah availability: May 5-13

    [note: other KSA cities - unavailable - you must be able to meet in Makkah/Madeenah]

    Ordering instructions...
    Here's a similar message posted in 2011 with some encouragement & suggestion of some books. (In the links given for the books, "" need to be changed to "")

    "سبحان الذي لا يشكر إلا بنعمة أخرى"
    [Related by Shaykh 'Abdur-Razaaq al-Badr (حفظه الله) in "فقه الأسماء الحسنى" from Imaam ash-Shaafi'ee (رحمه الله)]


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