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    The Books of Aathaar and their Checking

    What are the books containing the aathaar of the salaf (first three generations)?
    Is it said - saheeh, hasan - when quoting from the salaf*?

    *for example: Fudayl Ibn 'Iyaad, Hasan al-Basree, Sufyan ath Thawree.

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    The aathaar of the salaf are found in the books of hadeeth and sunnah as well as in their biographies. The musannaf of Ibn Abee shaybah the muwatta' of imaam Maalik and the saheeh of Al-bukhaaree are all interspersed with aathaar likewise imaam Al-Laalikaa'ee's magnus opus is a collection of the aathaar of the salaf dealing with different affairs of aqeedah. Any of these books that has been given a proper checking will have gradings for the aathaar dividing them into saheeh and da'eef. wallaahu a'lam


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