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Bismillaah Al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu 'ala rasulullaah

Some Golden Advice of Imaam Muqbil (rahimahullaah), Parts 1 and 2

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful The Bestower of Mercy

(1) The study of Tawheed is from the most virtuous affairs of drawing close to Allaah.

(2) Our call with us is more precious than gold and (more precious than) our souls, and (our souls) are more precious than gold.

(3) Argumentation is from the greatest reasons of splitting.

(4) The watered-down calls (to Islaam) will not be successful.

(5) It is not permissible for anyone to hurt his brother’s heart.

(6) All the Muslims - arabs, non-arabs, white and black - it is incumbent upon them to be one united party.

(7) I advise you to out- do the secularists and the socialists.

(8) I advice you to have eagerness in keeping the company of the righteous people.

(9) If you desire well-being, and (if you desire) safety from bewilderment, then I advise you with following the predecessors of ahlus Sunnah wal-jamaa-ah.

(10) O people of Dammaaj! Acquire knowledge with strength.

(11) I advice the student of knowledge to marry a sunniyyah (i.e. a woman upon the sunnah), so that he can establish a sunni household.

Part 2

(1) It is not enough to shape the Imaamah (round the head) O brothers, but there has to be (seeking) knowledge alongside shaping the Imaamah (round the head).

(2) Co-operate all of you in acquiring beneficial knowledge and acting upon it.

(3) Indeed, whoever sticks to the religion and knowledge, Allaah will raise him; also whoever acts upon knowledge, Allaah will raise him.

(4) The hindrances are many, so it may be that Allaah puts you to the test with an illness and you will not be able to reach knowledge.

(5) What I advise myself and everyone is pre-occupation with knowledge. The worries of the worldly life do not have an end; so beware of pre-occupying yourselves with the difficulties of life, for had we pre-occupied ourselves with them, we would not have been able to seek knowledge.

(6) The youth must fear Allaah in their occupations, and they should divert them towards that which is of benefit to Islaam and the Muslims.

(7) Fear Allaah with regards to your time. Fear Allaah with regards to your time. Fear Allaah with regards to your time.

(8) The greatest affair that has afflicted the Muslims is ignorance.

(9) Had you known how much the people are in need of knowledge, you would have strove day and night.

(10) The person's concern should not be limited to the people of his land; rather it is incumbent upon a person to know that he is responsible for the world. (He is even responsible) regarding a Christian, whilst he remains upon disbelief.

(11) The caller to (Allaah) is in need of patience, abstinence from the worldly life and endurance.

Source: Some Golden Advice of Imaam Muqbil (rahimahullaah) Part 1 (http://salaficentre.com/2012/02/part-1-some-golden-advice-of-imaam-muqbil-rahimahullaah/)/ Part 2 (http://salaficentre.com/2012/02/part-2-some-golden-advise-of-imaam-muqbil-rahimahullaah/)- from SalafiCentre.Com

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In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful The Bestower of Mercy

Part 3: Some Golden Advice of Imaam Muqbil (rahimahullaah)

Imaam Muqbil (rahimahullaah) said:

[1] Imaan has a sweetness and it is not tasted, except by the one who is truthful in his Imaan.

[2] I advice those who are continuous in their memorization of the Qur’aan to delay research (in affairs of knowledge). Research (in affairs of knowledge) is enticing.

[3] I advice you not to busy yourselves with authorships before memorizing the Qur’aan.

[4] Safeguard your hearts if you are to accept my advice; knowledge requires that (you) are distanced from delightful, pathetic and sensational things.

[5] Seek knowledge for the sake of Allaah (The Mighty and Majestic) and Allaah will not cause you to go to waste.

[6] Act for the sake of Allaah and neither take notice of a brother’s praise nor that of a teacher. Allaah is the One Who will raise you if He pleases.

[7] Call to the book and the Sunnah. Do not call to personalities, for indeed personalities are not safe from trials and tribulations.

[8] Ihsaan (doing good to the people, repelling harm from them, striving to benefit them through wealth, position, knowledge and in person) has a very great effect.

[9] It maybe that the performance of a good act can be more beneficial to Islaam than a thousand admonitions, even if that was (done) by a clean shaven person or a Christian.

[10] Dawah will not be established except with Jarh and Tadeel.

[11] You O Ahlus Sunnah are united in your covenant of protecting (one another), and you have the responsibility of refuting the Raafidi and the falsifier.

[12] Beware, Beware, O my children! That we nurture you as youngsters and the illegal partisans capture you when you are older. And if this becomes the case, it will be a loss upon you.

[13] Spend your time in that which will benefit Islaam and the Muslims.

[14] The person who has benefitted in grammar is able to benefit in all the sciences of the religion.


[Source: 'Al-Bashaa-ir Fis-Samaa-i Al-Mubaashir': Compiler: Abdullah Ibn Ayyaash with the introduction of Shaikh Muhammad Bin Abdul-Wahhaab Al-Wassaabee]

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In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful The Bestower of Mercy

The one who gives precedence to love of Allaah and His Messenger cannot be in anxiety.

Confronting Ahlul Bidah in these times is from the greatest affairs of seeking closeness to Allaah.

The one who wants to call to Allaah, enjoin good and forbid evil without being afflicted with evil is heedless (person).

I advise the brothers to be distant from every innovator even if you remain on your own. Beware! Beware of ruining your call due to such and such (person)…..

Exercise patience in (facing) hunger, scarce clothing, illness and in (facing) the enemies.

O Ahlus Sunnah! The society is your responsibility. Rescue this society from innovations, superstitions and from magic/trickery.

Exercise patience with the common people. It may be that after some days they may become stronger than you in the religion of Allaah.

If a person fears being amazed with himself, then let him not compare himself with (his) contemporaries, (rather) look at Haafidh Ibn Hajr or Al-Haafidh Ibn katheer, Shaikhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah and other than them amongst the Huffaadh.

Do you learn in order to become a caller to a group of illegal partisanship? Allaah will not bless you in this knowledge; Allaah will not bless you in (your) deeds until they are accompanied with sincerity.

Do learn in order to gather the people around you? Allaah will not bless you in this knowledge.

Poverty aids in seeking knowledge

If Allaah blesses you with knowledge, then this is the greatest blessing.

O caller to Allaah! You are noble in the sight of Allaah. Allaah is able to make you triumphant.