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01-17-2012, 03:37 AM
as-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

Medical positions at the College of Medicine at Sultan ibn 'Abdul-Aziz University (seems to be around the Riyadh area).

Via: http://sau.edu.sa/web/en/college/42/3983

Currently we have urgent openings for Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Demonstrator (Male and Female) and Clinicians in the following areas in our college and university hospital.

Areas of Recruitment
Basic Science: Histopathology; Physiology; Pharmacology; Anatomy; Biochemistry; Microbiology

Clinical Specialties (Adult and Peds): Pathology; ENT (Eye Nose and Throat); Ophthalmology; Dermatology; Surgery with all subspecialties; Radiology; Anesthesia; Endocrinology; Neurology; Cardiology; Family Medicine; Medical Education; Orthopedics; Gynecology and Obstetrics; Pediatrics; Emergency Medicine; Oncology; Neonatology; Nephrology; Rheumatology; Pulmonology; Gastroenterology; Intensive Care; Hematology;

Interested candidates can send their resumes at medicine@sau.edu.sa