View Full Version : Shadeed Muhammad (may Allah guide him) promotes the same principle as Hasan Al-Banna

01-02-2012, 10:56 PM
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatahu

One of my brothers forwarded me an audio clip of Shadeed Muhammad, which is in circulation at the moment.

Shadeed Muhammad said:

“We don’t have that authority to operate as a separate entity. We have to belong, and this is why our encouragement, myself as well as the other Imams around the city, we encourage the brothers and sisters to belong to a community, belong to a community. I don’t care; nobody is calling to a particular community, belong somewhere because when you are out venturing off by yourself the Shaytaan will eventually take advantage of you. That is not what we want. We want to use our communities as a fortress, as a fortress, as a place of refuge for the community.
The Importance of the Islamic Community and its Survival in American Society. 18:17-18:51”

Allahul Must'aan!

This lecture was delivered in an Ikhwaani Masjid and as you can see from the video clip Shadeed was sitting on the same platform as the Imam, who is not a Salafi.

Is this not the methodology of Hasan Al-Banna: “We unite upon what we agree and pardon each other concerning that which we differ"?

Alhamdu lillah the callers of the Sunnah, from the scholars to the students, invite people to belong to the communities of the people of the Sunnah and to abandon the communities of the innovators from the Sufiyyah, Khawaarij, Mu'tazilah, Jahmiyyah, Raafidah, Murji'ah and the other sects.

I advise the brother to read this article of Shaykh Rabee’ where he discusses the subject of slavery to wealth:


And likewise the craving of wealth and status by Ibn Rajab.

This is another example, sad as it may be, where mixing with the people of falsehood has affected a person's methodology, just like Ibn Battah stated:

Ibn Battah said:

"So fear Allaah, O Muslims! The good opinion you have of yourself and the knowledge you have that you are on the correct way, should not lead you to risk your Deen by sitting down with some of these people of desires, thinking, 'I will intrude upon them in order to debate with them or to expose their ideas.' However, they are more severe form of Fitnah than the dajjal, and their speech clings to a person more strongly than a severe itch, and can burn the hearts more than a blazing flame can. And I have seen a group of people who used to curse and revile the People of Desires. Then they went and sat with them in order to contest with them and refute them. Then the cheerful, open attitude, the hidden deception and the subtle disbelief continued until they became inclined towards them." [Al-Ibaanah (2/470)]

However, I do not recall a refutation of Shadeed upon anyone except for the Salafis.

May Allah guide this brother to the truth and protect the people of Sunnah from those who promote the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood in the garments of Salafiyyah.