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06-16-2011, 03:46 PM
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Our noble Sheikh Abdur-Razaaq Al-Badr Al-'Abaad may Allah preserve him said:

This is- O brothers-a moment of contemplation upon the statement of Allah the Most High:

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَنْ تَزَكَّى

(Translation of the meaning:
"Indeed whosoever purifies himself shall achieve success"
Surah Al-A'laa v 14).

In this verse there is a clarification of the fact that whosoever purifies himself will have attained success in his worldly life and his Hereafter.

This verse and that which is similar to it in Surah As-Shams is regarding the purification of the soul, Allah swears by His great signs and His immense creation:

“By the sun and its brightness,

By the moon as it follows it (the sun),

By the day as it shows up (the sun’s) brightness,

By the night as it conceals it (the sun),

By the heaven and Him Who built it,

By the earth and Him Who spread it,

By Nafs (Adam or a person or a soul) and Him who perfected him in proportion,

Then He showed him what is wrong for him and what is right for him,

Indeed he succeeds who purifies his own self,

And indeed he fails who corrupts his own self.”

Surah As-Shams from v.1 to 10.

Allah swore by more than ten great signs and the immense creations that whosoever purifies his soul will have succeeded and that whosoever corrupts it (his soul) will have lost and failed.

The meaning of “corrupts it” is: immerses it, reviles it and defaces it by making it fall into the despicable, vile sins and disobedience and transgression.

So purification of the soul is a great affair and it is befitting that the Muslim gives it great care and precise attention.

In this regard –O brothers- I mention briefly some of the principles, rules and important fundamentals on the affair of purification of the soul.

I shall mention them as a summary, without prolonging it:
[COLOR="red"]To be continued Inshaa Allah...