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Hulbah (Arabic) / Fenugreek (English) / Me’thi (Urdu/ Gujarati):
Its Benefits and Remedies

Fenugreek can be used in plant form, as seeds, flour, and oil.

From Ibn Qayyum: Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (pg 265-266)
Publisher: dar us salaam

When the fenugreek is cooked in water, it will soften the throat, chest and stomach. It also relieves coughing, dryness, asthma, hard breathing and increase the sexual drive. It also relieves flatulence, phlegm, piles and various accumulations in the intestines. It also dissolves the phlegm from the chest and helps against gastric ulcer and lung diseases.

Hulbah is used to heal the intestines, mixed with some ghee and fanith.

When five measures of fenugreek is taken in a drink, it will increase the flow of menstruation, and when it is cooked and the hair is washed with it, it will make it curly and combat dandruff.

When the flour of the fenugreek is blended with some vinegar and natron and used as a bandage on the tumor of the spleen, it will dissolve it. Also, the women who suffers from the pain in the vagina due to tumor will benefit if she sits in the water in which fenugreek was cooked.

When it is used as a bandage and placed on hard, cold tumors, it will help dissolve these tumors. Also, when its drunk, it will help against the pain in the stomach that results from accumulating gaseous materials and will cleanse the intestines.

When one eats hulbah cooked in honey, dates, figs on an empty stomach, it will dissolve the phlegm that accumulates in the chest and stomach, and will help against coughing that accompanies such ailments

Hulbah also relieves urine retention and works as a laxative. When it is placed on the erratic nail, it will heal it, while its oil helps against cracked skin due to extreme cold, when it is mixed with wax. There are many other benefits of Hulbah (fenugreek)

Some doctors stated, “If people had the knowledge of its benefits, they would buy it with its weight of gold.”

Natural Remedies: Tried and tested to work.

Below I share two ways in which fenugreek seeds can be used.

Important: Please make sure that before you take this there is no allergy to the fenugreek or honey.

1. Fenugreek + honey drink:
For: colds / flu/ tight chest / asthma symptoms/ stomach upset / intestine.

1. Boil 1/ 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in a pan when the water turns a warm golden brown colour strain the tincture into a cup. Add honey about 1 teaspoon of honey. Give this 3 / 5 times a day depending on severity of symptoms.

This very simple remedy is extremely effective for any age (it has been tried and tested with children as young as one and a half years and elderly (85 years).

This is extremely effective with children, with young children make the tincture weaker/ not as strong (and if as a parent/carer you are concerned about honey content reduce the amount of honey or just give the tincture... but it will not be as effective. )

After being given this remedy, the daughter of her 85 year old father told me that her father had been taking antibiotics for chest illness with little effect. After one / two days of this simple remedy he noticed healing and cure and was able to sleep better at night. Now he asks for this drink over the antibiotics, Alhumduillaah.

2. Fenugreeks seeds: During End of Pregnancy

This is a well known traditional remedy from India/ Gujarat.

(Warning: not to be taken before this time as it is considered ‘hot’ for the body and can be harmful.) Please also make sure you do not have an allergy to the seeds.

For women who are in their 36th week of pregnancy or after until birth. It will ease the process of the birth making it insha Allaah easy and quick.

First thing every morning on an empty stomach take a very small palmful (maybe 10/15 seeds) and swallow on their own (no water or drink is to be taken).

Please add to this thread if you know of other ways in which to cook / prepare / recipes for fenugreek.

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Fenugreek / Methi (leaves) and Chicken Recipe
(My mother rahimah ullah’s recipe.)

(alternative can be made with mince meat)

1 onion (big) or 2 medium sized onions
250 g chicken
1 / 2 bunches of leaved methi / fenugreek leaves
I potato (diced)
fresh / frozen green peas
1 fresh tomato chopped (omit if suffer allergy).
1 tsp ginger/ garlic
1 and half tsp coriander (dhunia) powder
1 tsp tumeric (arad)
1 tsp ground green chillies
1 tsp sea salt
half tsp pepper
1 tsp fennel seeds (optional to taste) or jeero

Prepare chicken wash and clean, slice onions, prepare fenugreek leaves wash well and drain (as you would pasley/ coriander leaves)

1. Braise onions until golden brown.
2. Add chicken with all spices. Braise until dry.
3. Add tomato and vegetables until well cooked with chicken.
4. Add fenugreek leaves when no moisture left. Do not add any water after this other wise you will get a bitter taste from the fenugreek leaves.
5. Cook slowly until moisture from fenugreek leaves has evaporated.
6. Stir a few times while cooking.

Serve with roti / rice / pickles for taste.