View Full Version : Imaam Ahmad [Rahimahullaah] Demolishes The Falsehood Of A Jahmiy Concerning The Statement Of Allaah: ''And He (Allaah) Is with you''

08-15-2011, 12:37 PM
In The Name Of Allaah The Most Merciful The Bestower Of Mercy

Imaam Ahmad (rahimahullaah) demolishes the falsehood of a Jahmiy concerning the statement of Allaah: ‘’And He (Allaah) is with you’’

Jahmiy said:

''He (Allaah) is neither intermingled with anything nor is He separated from anything.’’

We said (i.e. Imaam Ahmad):

''If He (Allaah) is not separated from anything, then is it not that He is intermingled?’’

Jahmiy said:


We said:

''How can He be in everything and not intermingled with anything?’’


Jahmiy could not find an answer, so he said: ‘’without howness’’; thus the ignorant people became deceived and affected by this statement.

So we said:

''When the day of judgement is established, will there be paradise, hell fire, the Arsh, the Kursi and the air?’’

Jahmiy said:

''Yes, certainly!’’

We said:

''Where will our Lord be?’’

Jahmiy said:

''He will be in everything just as he was in the worldly life.’’

We said:

''So your madhab is that what was part of Allaah above the Arsh will be above the Arsh; and what was part of Allaah in paradise will be in paradise; and what was part of Allaah in the fire will be in the fire and what was part of Allaah in the air will be in the air.’’ So with this (argument of ours) their lies against Allaah (Jalla-Wa-Alaa) were clarified for the people.

[Source: Al-Masaa-il War-Rasaa-il Al-Marwiyyah Anil Imaam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Fil Aqeedah: Vol 1; page: 323]

And Allaah knows best