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07-31-2011, 12:01 PM

Qiyaam ul Lail (Taraaweeh Prayer)

The moon has not been sighted, therefore we will complete 30 days of Shabaan.
The 1st fast of Ramadaan will be on Monday 1st August.

We have arranged a hall that will accomadate BROTHERS ONLY to conduct Qiyaam ul Lail (Taraaweeh Prayer) throughout the blessed month of Ramadaan. Isha will be start at 10.45pm followed by the Taraaweeh Prayer insha Allaah.

Starts 10.45pm Sunday 31st July 2011


Al-Hudah Gym 453 Leabridge Road E10 (previously Al-Badr Gym)

For more info contact Abbas 07931 866 943


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